Ya Hoooo!! My Apple B-bag Is Here!!!

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  1. I nearly tripped on my own 2 feet when the Fedx guy pulled up:Push: . My heart was racing, and I was thinking Dear God if I just paid $1,080 bucks for this thing and its fake, I'll have a stroke:wacko: !! I gave my John Hancock, and ripped open the box to find the most AWSOME, authentic, and georgeous apple green bag ever:biggrin: . Its the Clasique. Within 60seconds my goodies were in it and I was wearing it around the house like an idiot:weird: . So anyway, girls if you want a great authentic B-bag e-bay seller, her user name is Paulabeans, and her products are outstanding. I will post pics. as soon as I can;) If any one wants a really stand out, fun, and really yummy color. This is it!!:nuts:
  2. O:huh::huh::huh:o ranskimmie i am Sooooo:nuts: ooooo:nuts: oooo:nuts: oooooooo happy for you!!! :biggrin:
    apple greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen is sooooooooooooo fun to have i bet!!! << u guys taught me whats classic.. whats fun.. and whats plain pure crazy!! loooooooooooool :lol:

    stop inching the house with that for a second will ya:P ..!! and get your cam plz!! there are fans here waiting!!:amuse:
  3. i'm so happy for you!!!! i know exactly how you feel!! have fun with the purse!!!!
  4. yay:biggrin: Can't wait for the pictures. I'm waiting for some Balenciaga inspiration!
  5. Yayyyyyy... CONGRATS!!! We demand photos!!!
  6. Oooh exciting, I love the apple green b-bags ! I can't wait till you post pictures ! ;)
  7. i am so thrilled for you!!! :smile: great bag choice and great color choice!
  8. Congrats!!! Green is one of the prettiest colors Balenciaga has come out with, IMO. Pics, please! :smile:
  9. Congrats, ranskimmie! Enjoy your bag :nuts:
  10. Congrats! Pics ... please ....