Ya Gotta Love this one!

  1. Aaahhhh, if only it were authentic! :::GAG::: :rolleyes:
  2. heheh
  3. Ya know, that's not a bad lookin' bag! Only problem is IT'S FAKE!
  4. Lol, too bad it's fake.
  5. hee hee very funny
  6. I can't believe someone paid 460 clams for the Gag errr I mean bag! :wondering
  7. Lol!
  8. ^--- it's a Spy without its spy essence! :roflmfao:

    $2K?! What's he been smokin'?!?
  9. Ewwwww
  10. oh I noticed that yesterday, I couldnt believe it! I honestly wondered if the pleated didnt come with the spy part lol

    what a dreamer, i wonder how it got disconnected tho !!! :biggrin: