y or n : limited edition polarie sac a dos taiga

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    when i first saw it in the catalogue, i thought..PASS! but now that i know it is a limited edition, i am thinking i need it! i need honest opinions guys, should i pursue this or not? first of all, would the novelty wear off once the beautiful fall/winter 2010/11 come out later this year? is it impractical to use ?? ie. too delicate/ too white/too big/too heavy?? anybody here have seen this in real life and able to offer insight? thanks. (i need to let the boutique know early if i decided to get this)
  2. can you post a pic? :smile:
  3. Any pics or links??
  4. sorry! i didnt know how to put image but let's see if this works.

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  5. ^^Hmm this is a hard one. I suggest going to the boutique and check it out. I'm also considering getting the Roman MM in Glacier for my b-day next year. OTherwise, Polaire is one hot bag.
  6. thanks lvkeepallfan. unfortunately the boutique said they will only bring it in if i want it because it is a limited piece. in other words, i am not a VIP so they don't want to order it in just for me to "have a look" :sad:
  7. :tdown:
  8. I like it.
  9. I love it! If u cn afford it, go fr it !
  10. Don't know about this one, have to see it IRL...
    Sorry to hear that they can't bring it just to have a look at it.