Y-Mail poll

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Which metallic do you prefer?

  1. silver

  2. gold

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've been interested in a metalic Y-Mail wallet. I love my black wallets, but I like the idea of a little pop in there too, plus I think it will cute as a clutch! I think metallics are nice in summer - plus it will be easy to see in my bag. I wish I could do them both - but I only need one. Which tone do you prefer, silver or gold? Feel free to tell why you'd choose one shade over the other - Thanks everyone!


  2. i'll choose gold.
  3. Sorry not much help since I actually like both too. But leaning a little more towards gold ;)
  4. What do you guys like about the gold? :flowers:
  5. I like gold more simply because it had being initially promoted in gold (first love and all....) :love:

    Said that, I am planning to buy the silver one, because I also want to use it as a clutch, and silver matches with my jewerly tones and other outfits. I will have to look at it in the store though in order to make the final decision - sometimes pictures don't do justice. It is possible that the gold one is so much more gorgeous that I will change my mind.
  6. I saw the silver ones, and IMO, they almost look more grey than silver to me...the gold can't be mistaken for peach. Either one, you can't go wrong.
  7. i find the gold to be more girly and "summery." the silver gives it a more modern and edgy look. i'd choose the one the matches your style the best. i can't seem to decide which one i like most - so good luck!
  8. silver, imho.

    silver/black/white are just colors that embody the house's history.
  9. Both.... Silver to match silver hardware and gold to match gold hardware. That way you don't have to match the leather on the handbag & wallet.