Y-mail - I think I have all I wanted

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  1. well, I perhaps overdid it, but when I get any of these out of my bag it makes me so HAPPY (and I do not carry them together, just few items at a time - wallet and cosmetic bag, or coin purse and cosmetic bag and key fob)

    tro - coin purse, cosmetic bag and wallet

    all (with facial powder in Y-mail package and small fabric purse for it)

    mirror and leather and metal key tags
  2. Niiiiiiiccceeeeeee
  3. I especially love your cosmetic purse!
  4. Wow great collection!
  5. Very cool!:coolpics:
  6. They're beautiful!
  7. thanks a lot girls :ghi5:
  8. omg they're so cute!
    I really love them.
  9. The little felt bag in the middle...Is that makeup? I think I've seen it from Sephora's website (powder blush?)
    You have inspired me to get a wallet and a credit card holder....
  10. yes it is from Sephora, make up which looks so amazing

    credit card holder is so cute

    Cosmo has a long zip wallet with is also stunning
  11. thanks :biggrin:
  12. What a lovely collection of Y-Mail. I want that tote! :woohoo:
  13. OMG! I want them all!
  14. thanks !!!!!!:flowers:
  15. I did it slowly, over two years, one by one, bargain by bargain, the only one I payed full price was cosmetic bag because I fell in love with it and was impatient