"Y" Hardware

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  1. My initial is "Y" so I've been looking around for items that carry the "Y" hardware. But after hearing that YSL is becoming SLP, I don't know if I should worry about the phasing out of the "Y" in their designs (should I be?). Is now the time to buy?

    What items carry the "Y" hardware elegantly? I LOVE the Cabas Chyc Tote but I'm looking for something other than a structured purse that just sits on the elbow. Belt? Wallet? I am looking at the reference subforum as I make this thread, but just wondering if anyone with more "expertise" can give me some recommendations.

    Thanks in advance!! :hugs:

    ETA: Just saw the Cabas Chyc clutch ... omg
  2. all items with Y hardware are called CHYC, and the line has amazingly beautiful clutches (that would be my first choice of subtle but visible Y), belts, even gorgeous boots with Y hanging from the top rim, I will find some photos and post here
  3. besides items you can see in reference library - chyc shoulder nag and large chyc tote, and of course gorgeous clutch, here are the besl and boots (boots are posted by designerdiva40)

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  4. Thank you so much! Are these items harder to get? If I look up cabas chyc on ebay, all I get are totes.
  5. cabas chyc is a tote, but under chyc you might find the other stuff, however often sellers do not even put chyc, just look at all YSL accessories
  6. Thank you so much for the tips!
    Do you know the approximate range the clutches retailed for?
    Did the chyc "Y" hardware ever appear on a wallet?
    Also, is there a sizing thread where I can find what size belts I should get?
  7. Hi, clutch and as well as wallet is made in chyc....in gorgeous colours, I would not know but you can look at various department stores websites

    belt, we donot have sizing thread at all, few only posted that they got it
  8. Have you taken a look at the cuff bracelet? It's beautiful!!
  9. Thanks again. So there WAS a wallet made? I think I'd prefer that over a clutch. Is the "square" one the wallet? Does the wallet come in a rectangular shape like the clutch?
    I'm located in Toronto, Canada ... and from what I read on the forum, only one store carries YSL items here. =( No department stores or boutiques.

    No! Where?! Pics!!
  10. here is a clutch



  11. you are right, I forgot, that is perfect accessory with a Y :biggrin:
  12. Thank you so much for all the information!! :smooch:
    Is this the bracelet?
  13. Actually go to Reebonz and they are on a fire sale right now!!! Also Gilt is featuring YSL today too!!!

  14. Thank you! I don't usually wear arm jewelry though. So I think the wallet suits my lifestyle more~ Checking out reebonz now!
  15. here is the one I love, I understand you do not wear them, but this so cool

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