XXL Leather Bags

  1. Hello
    I have not been able to find on this forum a thread which gives me link to look at and view large leather bags. Am a leather lover so would like max leather on the bags and that too soft n shiny. Kindly help
  2. It seems like most bag makers have a line of very large bags, but I haven't seen a thread devoted to that topic. I hope someone will come along to help. If I recall where I've seen what you are seeking, I'll post again.

    Good luck.
  3. The boys over at Hermes Forum are buying the 40 cm Birkins etc.....
  4. please come and take a look at my blog, i put some bags that i love... there's a lot of big big bags there :P
    this one is my personal obsession lately :
    chanel coco cabas
    i also recommend balenciaga in work or weekender :P
  5. A lot of the Pradas are huge this year too.
  6. balenciaga work or weekender, will always satisfy your XXL AMAZING LEATHER bag need~~~:yahoo:
  7. [​IMG]
    This is a huge leather bag! It measures 50x60 cm and is made out of high quality leather... :smile:
  8. oooh, is that your bag? i see ur website.
    i love it! can u post pics of the close up of the leather for me?
  9. [​IMG]


    Hi Seahorseinstripes,
    Here comes pics of the leather and the lining... ;)
  10. woooops, sorry for the HUGE pics...
  11. nice leather!!!
    thanks for the pic :P
  12. Thanks... :smile: