xx Felicia's Small Collection xx

  1. Hi everybody! ;)
    This is my first attempt uploading photos, hopefully it works..! I'm pretty new to TPF, not much of a poster but definitely a reader :yes:

    I'm a still a student, so this is all i can afford.. I hope to be able to buy more purses when i graduate!!

    After knowing TPF, my collection had grow so much but it just never enough!! Here is what my collection look like 3months ago :

    This is how it looks like now :

    Hope everyone likes my collection!! :wlae:
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. great collection! there is quite a variety of designer bags in there, which i like!! I love the damier speedy, but it looks like you havent worn it yet huh!?
  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  5. AWww what an adorable collection! by that i mean the cute wallets and little things you have!! :yes:
  6. cool, it happened a lot in the last 3 months, :yahoo:
  7. Wow! You've got a ton of wallets! Love your collection and thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  8. Very nice! Welcome :smile:
  9. awwww very cute collection =)

    Keep it up :love:
  10. wow, nice collection! It had grown very fast from the past 3 months!
  11. Thanks for all the sweet comments ;)
    At first i just wanted to get 1, then it become 2, then i want more as i see all those beautiful purses in TPF :P
  12. Ooooh I love the Coach poppy wristlet, how cute !
  13. wow quite a collection in 3 months time! ITA with you about buying more when you graduate lol!
  14. nice collection. Is that your lil pup in the background?
  15. luv the damier speedy and the papillion.