XTRA 20% off sale at J Crew.

  1. I ordered some things this morning without the discount and happened to go into the site to check on my order and I saw they added the extra 20% we have all been waiting for. Boy was I mad since I had just placed a rather large order without the additional discount. So I called their customer service and they took the 20% off my order from this morning. I was so happy I placed a second order..hurry!
  2. Thanks for the post!
  3. All these sales are killing me but thank you for posting
  4. thanks for posting.

    btw, would someone know if their fabric ballet flats run big or TTS?

  5. I think their flats run a little small. I had to send some back and 1/2 size up from my normal size.
  6. thanks for the quick reply, AndiM!

  7. I want that Lobster dress like nobody's business but I know I'd probably only wear it once or twice. It would be a complete waste of money right?
  8. Lobster dress is cute..and you can wear it every summer I think. Styling is classic.
  9. You little enabler! :p
  10. Yeah, me too. I placed a large order at 6 this morning, only to look back at the site and see the additional off. Customer service was such a breeze, they honored the additional off with no problem.

    Check in-store - most are doing additinal 25% off
  11. Sorry... ha, ha.
  12. Thanks so much for posting this. i have never worn anything j.crew, so I was wondering how there clothing sizing ran? Does it run big like Gap and BR?

  13. thanks! i got $120 ballet flats i've been eyeing for $39!
  14. IYL-360 is working for free shipping over $150.
    i just bought the samba dress i have been drooling over for monthes for more than 50% off!!!! i am so excited!!!!!
  15. I think J Crew tends to cut a bit full but generally true to size. I wear it a lot lately. I also got ballet flats...and lots of pants. I love their Ludlow wide leg pant! So excited.