Xtina's got a new grill~

  1. Is it just me..or do you also notice Christina A's got new vaneers on her teeth?

    They are way bigger than before..and soooo obvious to me.
  2. they do look capped. We need a before pic! I will have a look :smile:
  3. oooh I'd love to see a before pic! They do look great though.
  4. They look funny....At least it's not as drastic as when H. Duff got hers done
  5. I didn't notice the teeth but her boobs are HUGE. I hope that is from her pregnancy and not a booby job.
  6. ^^ Thats what I was thinking! I'm not sure about those teeth, but her boobs sure do look unreal.
  7. ^I think she's had implants for years now.
  8. I agree!
  9. She's got implants, eh? I don't remember seeing this in the tabloids lol?
  10. Yeah, love her..but I don't like the way too fake boobs too.
  11. That was the worst! I felt bad for her, she looked like a horse!
  12. her teeth do look different - but at least they look good!
  13. chicletts!
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. ohhh yes she did..i never liked her teeth i always thought they were funny looking