X's YSL Reveal.

  1. What a beautiful YSL collection! I'm wanting to get a Cabas Chyc, in blue. I wonder when will this wish come true...
  2. ooh me too Cohere!!! i want Cabas Chyc in blue too... i hope our wish will come true soon ;)
  3. i like your easy color... such a beautiful and neutral color :smile:
  4. Thank you all for your comments!

    I really enjoy using the easy and I've brought the clutch to a wedding. Both of them are great.. Unfortunately it has been raining day and night so I am hesitant to use the chyc since its light colored. Does anyone know any products I can apply that protects the delicate lambskin?
  5. YES!
    Missianti, which blue do you want?
    I've seen the Chinese blue and I can't get it off my mind for weeks now.:heart:
  6. Great bags, congratulations!!
  7. Amazing choice, all three of them! They are so gorgeous! Congrats!:woohoo:
    Especially love your Chyc, just drop dead!
  8. Fab. Fab. Fab.

    Love the bags! And we are bag twins to boot (check my avi :biggrin:)

    Per protecting your Easy, if you got it brand new, it should be okay. However, some Apple conditioner will be good especially after a few months (if you use it heavily like I did at first - 3 months straight!).

    I also use Protect from Aldo, which keeps water stains and color transfer to 0. The leather is hardy, I removed a month old cherry stain with a baby wipe.

    Enjoy your bags - they are all beautiful!
  9. WOW!! Fabulous collection you have. I own the Cabas in black (love, love your beige!), but now you have opened my eyes to The Easy and Belle Du Jour Clutch.
  10. Hehehe.. Bag twin! We have the same taste! I saw you in the givenchy sub forum too!!

    Thanks for the tip re:protect! Looks like I will have to visit Aldo soon! Do you find that the spray darkens the leather? That sometimes happen...

    I had water dripped onto my easy the other day as I was drinking from my water bottle.. It dried off completely without a trace.. I was amazed!! Love the quality.. Can't wait to use my chyc!
  11. Love the elegance of the black cabas.. Black is actually the first color that caught my attention but I have way too many black bags.. I hope you do give the Easy a try, you will NOT be sorry!! :p
  12. Gorgeous collection. The easy is one of my favourite bags of all time. Enjoy!
  13. Lovely reveal, congrats!!