Xplory vs Orbit Stroller?

  1. Both look like great strollers. I like how the orbit swivels and i like how the xplory is up higher (is this a problem lifting a toddler into it thouhg?) Anyone has advice on deciding between these two would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

  2. I really think you need to try them out in person if possible. they are similar in some ways, but very different in others. I owned an xplory and adored the stroller, but I know others found the fold annoying and complicated. I LOVED the big hood and having him up high to talk too and it holds a big child as well as an infant. The PUSH is amazing and that storage bag holds A LOT.

    The orbit car seat is a nice bonus, but I hear it's quite heavy (though they all are). The seat swivels, which is great, but the toddler seat does not have a full recline and no leg support. The push is pretty good for a stroller, but not of the same ease as the xplory. The seat is also pretty high and it comes with a storage pod, but it doesn't hold a lot, though I hear that they are coming out with paneer bags to hold more stuff on the sides. ALSO, with the new toddler car seat, if you are a frequent traveler, this would be one less thing to take along when traveling (though it's not meant to be taken on and off all the time for daily use). Oh, and the fold is much less complicated especially with the infant car seat - a bit more to it for the toddler seat.

    BOTH are great strollers, but with different fortes. I may prefer one, another person may prefer another - it's all preferences really.
  3. I also think you need to try them in person. I thought the Explory was super-cool, but I could not for the life of me get the hang of the fold. I tried it at a Stokke event, so I had the West Coast sales rep helping me, and it was like torture: "One more try, like this, now you do it." I was like, "look, it's been 7 tries, I got it once, this is clearly not something I can do out on the sidewalk in the rain with a crying baby." But, I hear good things about it from others, and I am not the most mechanically gifted person in the world for things like this.

    I ended up getting the Orbit, since it was relatively light, came with the infant seat (which I don't find heavy - the base is, but you leave that in the car), and was super-easy to fold and unfold. I also liked the extras, like the rocker. The pod is still a concern of mine, not so much in terms of total space but ease of access, but the whole thing slides off so you can just pull the pod out and dig through it at eye level rather than having it down under the stroller.

    I did a long post a while back about the Orbit vs. the Bugaboo Chameleon that will have more details about the Orbit. You might want to search for that. I think it has some side comments about Stokke, Quinny, and possibly Mutsy as well.
  4. I love my orbit as well and can't wait to use it. I agree with kimber on not finding the infant seat too heavy. the base is definately heavy though but like she said... theres no transporting that once it gets in place. i just ordered my second base on sunday because dh got me my new car since there was no possible way that thing was fitting in the coupe. i really love how easy the stroller is to fold up. and i love the built in storage pod which i actually think holds quite a bit. i'm not using it as my main diaper bag though, just to put the extra stuff needed in there. we go to disneyland a lot though and althought i really want to take it there... i'm scared because my sister got her stroller stolen once there and i'm thinking something like the orbit might definately get swiped on. also... i ordered mine through happymothers.com. if you get it through them you don't have to pay for shipping OR tax which saves a ton of money because other places tack on a crapload for shipping since it's so heavy.
  5. I'm currently using an Xplory and quite frankly I hate it. The fold is way more complicated than it appears and it's not that user friendly. I find myself relying on my Bugaboo more and more.
  6. my friend has an orbit and it's really cool but if you have a big baby like mine then baby might outgrow the infant car seat really quickly.