xoAKIxo's collection...

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  1. Seeing everyone else's collection, I thought I'd share mine. I'm pretty content with it now although I miss some of my gucci's and coach's that I've sold. so here it is...

    My new baby, black Chanel baby cabas :love: :yahoo:
    some Chanel sunnies
    Burberry umbrella
    Coach wristlet, pouch, belt
    Lesportsac Tokidoki pouch

    mono cabas mezzo
    mono batignolles horizontal
    mono mat black shelton
    mono shawl in champagne
    mono ipod video holder
    mono wallet w/ paper id holder
    damier azur speedy 25
    damier azur cles
    cherry blossom pochette
    white mc wapity

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  2. great collection!
    love love love your shawl! :love:
  3. love your Chanel! =)
  4. Oooh I love the baby cabas, so cute !
  5. great collection, love your chanel cabas
  6. thanks ladies :flowers:
  7. love it!
  8. God :drool: greaaaaaaat colllection .. love ur coco cabas + LV scarf, do u mind modeling it :shame:?

    thaaaaaanks for sharing
  9. Very Nice!
  10. Lovely patina on all of your LV bags... :biggrin:
  11. Beautiful collection!!! Thanks 4 sharing!!
  12. Great collection! That patina on all your LV's is gorgeous!
  13. Thanks everyone! :flowers:

    sorry been busy lately, I'll try to post pics later tonight. I'm also going to LV today so hopefully I'll come back with something new :graucho:
  14. Your collection is so nice, love the chanel!
  15. here's a pic of the baby cabas with it on when I went out and a pic of the shawl on, still trying to figure out ways to wear it.

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