Xmas wishlist?

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  1. Okay, what pieces are you guys wishing for this Christmas? Here's my rundown:

    LV Recital (probably impossible as my parents are on a budget, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?) :crybaby:
    SFAM Boot Cut Jeans in Carolina
    Primp Pony Thermal in Brown
    Steve Madden Wedges
    Urban Outfitters Ripstop Cadet Cap
    GAP San Fransisco Graphic Hoodie
  2. dior gaucho ^^
  3. birkin...
  4. Nothing really. I just got a large gucci bouvier and a speedy 30. However, I will be disappointed if I don't open anything up on Christmas.
  5. I would love this, but i know i won't get it.
  6. anything by Bottega veneta
    Gucci fur capelet
  7. I don't have anything on my list, because my DH told me I wasn't getting anything (he bought me 4 diamond eternity bands for our anniversary a few months ago). The problem with this is that he loves to suprise me, so I am not sure if I am really not getting anything, or if he is just saying that and then is going to get me something!!! It always sucks when this happens, because I will wait the whole day for my "surprise", and sometimes I get one and sometimes I don't!!!!
  8. Hee. I know I'm getting a BV from the bf for Christmas, (only getting it in Feb though! :P) and since this is a WISHlist, I want me a Caramel/ Camel Weekender :shame:
  9. - My auntie has just purchased a gorgeous collection of intricate porcelain figurines, and I want to start my own. I was considering starting a Barbie collection but these are so much more elegant and beautiful.

    My auntie has very good taste, quite similar to my own, and she has promised to get me a nice little collection that I can add to. I would normally ask for more but these figurines are a few hundred each.

    - My grandmother indulges me in two of my particular favorite activities... culinary arts and beauty. I can always expect the finest quality culinary instruments or bath oils, salts, scents, est.

    - My mother and father have promised to have my room remodeled again as well as getting a few things I need and jewelry

    I am getting new canopy bed, new luxurious bedsheets, new comforter, new side tables, new dresser, new vanity, new large vanity mirror, new television, paint, border, decor.

    I am getting several diamond and gold ring sets, pendants, and tiaras (perfect for the right occasions).

    I have been reluctant for quite a while to go out and get my drivers license because I dislike driving (I really prefer to be chauffeured around). My parents are going to help me get my license and they are going to get me a car. :yahoo::heart:
  10. Wow. So with all those pressies, is there anything else left to be on ya wishlist? :P
  11. it really varies. i think i want a nano, tifanny's necklace, lv groom cles, lots of different stuff.
  12. a pair of CL would make me so happy.
  13. I'd be disappointed if I found 0 items under the tree as well.
  14. Gucci mirrored bouvier
    Rock & Republic hooded cashmere sweater
    T3 hairdryer
    HR hooded cashmere sweater with fox fur trim
    Denblan toothpaste
    Candy.. :smile:

    hehe.. this was fun :smile:
  15. Coach Optics swingpack
    Burberry baby blue watch
    Chocolate Fondue Set:nuts:
    A Clapper :shame:
    Burberry scarf
    lots of cash!