Xmas Time = Tiffany Time!!!

Which Schlumberger X-O Ring???

  • Full Diamond in Platinum

  • Alternating Diamond & Sapphire in Platinum

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May 7, 2008
So since I'm so indecisive about watches, I've decided that I want the Jean Schlumberger X-O ring for Christmas instead of the Chanel J12 I was originally wanting. I need (and I do mean NEED) a RHR and I think this will be perfect! I don't necessarily need a new watch!

I'm torn now however between the ring with full diamonds ike Contessa's, btw, I blame her for this switch in Xmas presents! Ever since I saw her Schlumberger, I've been wanting one on my own grubby little hand! The other X-O ring is the one with alternating sapphires and diamonds. Sapphire is my and my DF birthstone, we're a day apart in Septemeber, I'm a day older which I like to rub in his face! :P

So what do you ladies think?? Sclumberger with all diamonds or with diamonds and sapphires??


Sep 25, 2007
That's the LAST time I'm showing my jewellery on this site!!!! ;)

I say go for the one that looks BEST on your finger! I love diamonds, so the more, the merrier (Ho, Ho, Ho!!!), but then, the sapphire connection you & your DF has is really special, and this band w/ sapphires will always commemorate that :smile:

I remember having a dilemma between mine and the one w/ the 18 kt gold....my son LOVED that one, but when I tried it on, the solid Plat ring looked LARGER......and I thought, "why not??!!"

Just make sure the ring fits not too tightly. Better to go a little larger and have them "bead" it, then get one too tight.

I regret not going up 1/2 a size.....don't think they'd let me exchange it a year later....but part of me wonders if they could make it a touch larger somehow. Don't get me wrong....it fits perfectly, but in the summer is snug.....winter....lose! And I wanted my DD to have it one day, so I HOPE she'll be able to wear it w/o any issues.
May 29, 2010
I always wanted the 16 stone ring with sapphires. I love Tiffany's sapphires, and I think it would make a great addition to my collection- :graucho:


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Aug 13, 2008
London, UK
I would say if you have a full band eternity ring already then go for the sapphire ring...also defo try them on...they always look diff online!



Jul 11, 2010
I'd been saying that no rings on my Ring wish list. But Contessa's Schulumber modeling pic. has remided me. I have not yet got my dream ring, the Shulumber XO ring!!! But, to my relief, the subject came to an in the Sandwich thread.:smile: But, now someone is wanting it here...



Jul 11, 2010
nyc_cady, I would say, any Schlumberger ring.:P I cannot choose... Try them on and pick one!!!

Contessa, I am sure I need a bracelet more than a ring!:smile: