XMAS present!!! - my first chanel

  1. Thanks to my hubby ♥

    black patent jumbo flap

    it took me multiple trips to 4 different NMs to find the exact one I want...I was torn between the caviar & this one. This one seems better for my age. Good choice?? :smile:


    btw - this is my first post!!!!!! ♥
  2. Not a good choice ...............................

    an AMAZING CHOICE!!! :biggrin:

    WOW, congratulations,

    its gorgeous :biggrin:, you really do have a stunning bag there.

    Welcome to the Chanel forums :smile:
  3. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!

    Congrats on your new bag!!
  4. oh, and your dog seems to like it too lol ;)
  5. So chic!!!!!!! Congrats and welcome!! It won't be your last Chanel! :welcome:
  6. It is very pretty, congrats!
  7. Wow that is gorgeous.
    Chanel bags are my favourite :smile:
  8. Welcome!! Love the jumbo patent. Its amazing. BTW-Chanel knows no age, all bags are age appropriate. No matter what age.
  9. It's a beauty! Congrats!
  10. good choice!
  11. Excellent choice for your first Chanel! :tup: Congrats!

    Welcome to the Chanel forum, your doggie looks so cute :heart:
  12. woww!!!! perfect :smile:)
  13. gorgeous! and ADORABLE doggie!
  14. congrat!beautiful!
  15. Mmmm it looks so delicious!!!!!!!!