Xmas Present Ideas

  1. Ok with Xmas fast approaching, i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread on all the xmas presents we can think of...

    it can be ideas that u want to do .. things you are going to buy etc. it might give others out there ideas etc

    for example, im going to buy my 12yr old sister one of those pink polaroid cameras...

    im buying my bf the pink ghd hair straigthner

    my so. NO IDEA!!

    heheheh so post waht u think ur going to buy what u ant to buy etc. and hopefully we can all help eachother come up with cool pressies.:flowers:
  2. I bought my sisters both matching Gucci bracelets (they hate matching gifts but I don't care! :biggrin:) They'll also get other things but don't know what yet (maybe shoes and clothes).... Probably also $100+ credit to Sephora.

    Mom is getting a set of Van Cleef and Arpels perfume (2 different ones, don't remember the names), a leather picture frame and a Bottega Veneta white crocodile belt. (Her birthday is right before Christmas and I am getting her a Ferragamo black purse with gold hardware, a Valentino faux croc purse and a makeover complete with new skincare products and makeup, around $1000 worth)

    My uncle is getting a Bvlgari leather agenda

    My grandmother is getting the new Badgley Mischka perfume and maybe a Ports 1961 scarf and maybe a cashmere sweater of some sort (I always get her cashmere sweaters)

    My aunt will get the new Badgley Mischka perfume.

    My friends are getting stationary products and small leather accessories.

    One friend is getting a beaded evening clutch. I'm also considering getting her the Prada perfume.

    I'm not planning to spend a lot of money this holiday on gifts.... I've found smaller gifts to friends are better because they don't feel the pressure to reciprocate. Also that way no one compares their gifts and feel that I am favoring one over the other (some of my friends are very close). (I threw a party once at the Four Seasons and gave out their presents. They started opening their gifts -- I didn't want them to do that, that's why I gave them out at the end -- and one girl was like "ooooo where's my xxxx?" I didn't get xxx for her and she was very disappointed. I like giving personal gifts that reflect my relationship with my friends and their personalities. I don't like giving everyone the same thing....)

    Looking for ideas for my father and brother.... (I always buy a lot of things for my mom and sisters because I know what I want!)
  3. Good thread idea, Baby Boo! My budget is low and anyway I give Christmas presents to very few people. However, I've seen so much stuff on Etsy that I love that I need not shop anywhere else (except other indie designers' sites :smile:) for the rest of my life :smile:

    For starters, when 1Donnamarie makes another coin purse like this one

    1DonnaMarie's Etsy Shop - Coin Purse made from Authentic Vintage Morgan Jones Chenille Bedspreads bed spread


    I might snap it up.

    I also love this cool keyring:

    DownToTheWireDesigns's Etsy Shop - purple key ring


    There are so many prints I want to buy from theblackapple but I'll probably settle for this one (if it's still there in future):

    theblackapple's Etsy Shop - Jenny and her cat Print

  4. Sonya it sounds like you are ready for Christmas shopping! I am barely starting to think for presents. My mom's birthday is in 2 weeks so I have been busy buying her gifts! I totally agree with it is sooo much easier to buy to my mom, and sister! But with my brother and Dad it is sooo hard.

    For me, I know my mom is getting me the Mirroir Speedy! I can't wait.
    For my mom for Christmas don't know yet, but I think definetly a bag.I don't know which one yet, maybe LV or Coach. I think I might get her a scarf from LV or Hermes. Getting her the new Hermes perfume. And other small things! She always gets the most!
    For my sister most likely a Coach bag, a wallet, a keychain.
    For my bro, I think he wants the LV belt. I might him that or the Playsation. For my dad, definetly a Louis Vuitton wallet. He is dying to get one since my bro, who is 12, got one after he finished 6th grade. I am planning on getting him the epi, or other leather, definetly not the monogram.
    For my Grandma, maybe a perfume, and some clothes.
    For my cousin something from Juicy couture, since she loves it.
    My other aunts, don't know yet. maybe a sweater, or coach bag. I have to see how much money I have.
  5. I'm only done w/ my mom so far...I got her a designer barbie (Dooney & Bourke) & a Coach keyfob. My dad I'll get him a gift certificate to his favorite shooting range & my brothers electronics...maybe games for their gaming systems or something teenage boys would like. My son, Woah he's going to get a boat load from everyone. I have to get rid off alot of his toys he doesn't use or he outgrew to make room for the new arrivals.
  6. hmm, not too many ppl make it on my list.. so just bf this yr I guess.. as for his present.... gosh, I don't know.... I am kinda broke and he knows it too... hehe.. but I will definitely be cooking some wonderful dinner..
  7. Actually those are the things I've already gotten for people (except what I wrote as "maybes" and the whole makeover for my mom, I need to see her in person to buy her those things). I never know what to get someone until I see it in stores. I start buying presents early in the year!

    My sister's birthday is around Thanksgiving so I need to buy her something for that. My other sister's birthday is a month after the holidays, so it's like three birthdays in a row + holidays. (I just bought my sister a pair of FANTASTIC Swarovski embellished forest green 4.25 inch Manolo Blahnik stiletto sandals for her 21st birthday. I already got her a Kate Spade pink Kensington Ariane.... Don't think the shoes are her style but ... every girl needs a pair of crazy fabulous Manolo Blahniks!)

    I love the Mirroir collection. Congrads!

  8. I need to find something for my male cousins too. They're in middle school and one is in college....
  9. I'm done already. Well, 95% of it. I've been done. I have Asian dishes and accessories for my cousin and his wife. I also have some Bath & Body stuff for the wife and will probably grab something small for my cousin later on.

    My 2 girl cousins are getting a gift bag full of Spehora and other Bath & Body stuff. There's also a Sushi kit for one of them.

    My aunt is getting a foot spa thingy and my uncle will be getting something in the food category.

    My officemates are getting tiny things like a tub of body butter and face masks and the guys are getting liquor filled chocolates (will get those later cause the Xmas ones aren't out yet).

    My boss/friend is getting some Bath & Body stuff, some stationery and little cutesy stuff.

    BF's cousin is getting lots of Bath & Body stuff, candles, trinkets and stationery.

    BF's neice is going to get a dollhouse set thingy from the same series as what we got her last year.

    BF's nephew is getting a video game from me (XBOX I think).

    BF and my friend, Eric, is getting a sake set.

    All that's left is pretty much BF and his immediate family. I think I'm getting BF all these stuff from his Amazon.com wishlist and his father is probably going to get a sweater from me or perfume. Same goes with his brother. In addition to that, they get handmade soaps from me and some small leather stuff like belts and gloves.
  10. I love shopping for the holidays, but I HATE shopping Michigan Ave. - that is after the Festival of Lights - it's just a mad house! People everywhere, it's crazy!!! That's why I try and get my shopping done early. I love to spoil my family - everyone always looks forward to receiving presents from me! :yahoo:
  11. wow kathyrose, you're fast. That's great, then you don't have to fret and wander in the mall thinking of what to get :smile:
  12. Ladies and gents, if you have recipients who like jewelry and if you have to buy gifts for lots of family, friends or colleagues, please check out the mind-boggling number of talented jewelry sellers on etsy. For an amount under $50 (or less), you can get lovely items like these:

    gNeebo's Etsy Shop - Spring birds pendant
    $10 not incl shipping


    gNeebo's Etsy Shop - Antique hummingbird drawing with a background of the Rites of Spring's music score pendant
    $10 not incl shipping


    gNeebo's Etsy Shop - Turning leaf earrings (silver grey)
    $30 not incl shipping


    gNeebo will also ship internationally. Might buy one of the pendants for myself :smile:
  13. Wow - you guys are fast. I've barely started thinking about what to buy. Probably will end up with a new iPod for my brother. No idea what to get my parents - they are building a house right now so I'm thinking a Home Depot gift card and then something small for each of them to open. Both of my grandmother's love candles so I will probably go that route with them. I don't need to buy anything for aunts/uncles/cousins since we do a family-wide yankee swap so I just need to buy one $25 gift for the swap - which saves me a lot of money.

    As for friends - still no idea. I usually wait til the last minute since I can never decide what to buy...
  14. OMG I haven't started yet.
    MY DH needs a new comp but he really wants a digital SLR. I think I may buy all the accessories for him.
    My MIL something sparkly and deliciously expensive.
    My FIL something artist related.
    My Dad a gift cert for a hotel & that his girlfriend can enjoy.
    My Uncle lots of assorted hats.
    My other Uncle lots of assorted gold gear.
    My Aunt Estee Lauder items.
    My grandmother a nice kerchief and some girly accessories.
  15. My DH............................. New Mizuno Golf Bag, golf shoes and a putter
    My Mom and sister..............prada bags
    My Dad............................a Watch dont know what kind yet
    Mother in Law....................Bag dont know what kind yet
    Sisters in Law 6 of them.......Bags, not too high-end. I give them bags every
    year and they honestly love them everytime!
    Brothers in law....................DH responsibility
    3 bestfriends .....................1 prada bag/ 1 Prada wallet/ 1 Coach bag

    The rest of the people I'm going to give gifts too will get one of these...
    wristlets & small items from coach... (outlets)