X'mas present for my youngest sister, any suggestion??

  1. My sister (21st yrs old) just start a new job and would like to buy 1ST LV for her..

    But i need to buy for my mom Mono speedy 25, my DH Taiga 9cc wallet and mine T&B Key and change holder as x'mas gift, so not much budget left...
    My budget for her only left USD 200.. :shame:

    Any suggestion? Mono Canvas? Damier? Vernis? Denim? :wondering

    Key & change holder? 4/6 Key holder? Business card holder? Credit card holder?
  2. How about the mini T&B pochette?
  3. ^^that's $255 I believe. I think a cles would be perfect! How about a Pomme Vernis Cles? They are $200.
  4. What about the small accessory pouch? The one with the little chain as handles, not the leather.
  5. i agree ^^ pomme cles-vernis !

  6. I love it too !! Btw, can fit in slim hp? Or some cards & coins??

    Hmm, is it very hard to take care? Cause she's rough type... LOL
  7. Cles would be perfect!
  8. I think the mono cles is $150.00 ... it's very durable, I've had mine for years and still looks great!
  9. I vote for a mono cles also.
  10. Is the mono cles the zip key chain thingy? if so, I vote for that too.. I have one of those that I have had for gosh about 3 years... and I totally love it!! holds my keys/ credit cards/license... just love it!!
  11. mono cles or azur :smile:
  12. A cles would be perfect!
  13. I vote for the mono cles too and I'm getting one for myself!
  14. a mono cles would be perfect!
  15. could you add $55 and get the trunks&bags mini pochette? it's super cute!