xmas party dress opinions??


Which dress?

  1. sleeveless jewel to dress

  2. empire waisted withh sleeves dress

  3. shirtdress

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which dress do you guys prefer for a dressy x-mas party?
    _5443695.jpg _5479270.jpg _5504226.jpg
  2. I cant see the images :shrugs:
  3. I'd like to vote...but no pics :confused1:
  4. show us the pictures:crybaby:
  5. No pics. And I would need to know if it was a party for your workplace, with family or with friends.
  6. thats weird, the pics were there...anyways this is what i ended up getting from banana republic...
  7. I love the dress you got!!!
  8. The one showing is pretty and classic. What type of event?
  9. Love the red!!
  10. how do you like the dress? does it fit well? i'm going to vegas next weekend and i was thinking of ordering the dress in blue to just go out in.
  11. Love the BR dress, the red is such an X-mas color too
  12. Red Satin is great for x-mas!

    Sidenote: What brand was the black shirtdress? I love it! I voted for it before I even saw your purchase.
  13. b00mbaka-
    The shirtdress was from Nordstrom, I think it may have bben Calvin Klein

    I haven't gotten it yet, I'll let you know how it fits as soon as I get it
  14. I got the red Banana Republic dress today and let me tell you, it is awesome. Looks so cute on and is so comfortable. Not tight fitting at all, but makes your body look good. I love it! I tried to take a pic, but can't get good lighting in here at night.
  15. Love the dress you decided on!