XMAS has come early!!!

  1. xmas has come about a month early for me this year... my new additions :yahoo::

    07 Plomb SGH PT
    07 Tomato City
    07 Sienna City

    thanks to a fellow PFer and a wonderful wonderful friend of mine (you know who you are! :heart: ya girlie!), i was able to get my hands on the most divine tomato city with beautiful leather and I just :heart: the color!

    the sienna is outa this world, before Balenciage, i was never a brown girl... but this color, its the most beautiful med brown... very vintagey and goes with soooo much of my wardrobe... i love it as much as the cafe!

    and last but not least, the plomb SGH PT... my 2nd GH PT... its a gorgeous gunmetal grey! VERY versatile and funky...

    I am in Bbag heaven... :love:... and who better to share my early xmas than with my fellow purse nuts??? :p

    hope you enjoy my not-so-professional pics!
    DSC06081.JPG DSC06084.JPG DSC06086.JPG DSC06091.JPG
  2. Ackkkkkkkkk...

    That Tomato city is incredible...I'm still searching for the perfect one.

    Congratulations on three gorgy bags :heart: (I'm not a brown person either but I'm with you on that sienna one too, girl!)
  3. ^^^ thanks "I" LTL!!! yup, the tomato is beyond gorgeous! the leather on this is absolute perfection in the words of my wonderful friend! you'll find it I'm sure! now i must also get a bright red work next time :p... i'm such a sucker for reds :sweatdrop: and.... 05 magenta!
  4. WOWZA!! Such a great combination of colours! What a great early bunch of xmas presents! CONGRATS!!
  5. i adore your tomato!!! :love::love::love:
  6. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats aa on three gorgeous bags!!! I don't need to tell you which one's my favorite!!!! AMAZING!!!! Enjoy them girlie!:heart:
  7. wow! i am b-bag heaven myself after looking at all your photos. congrats on all your gorgeous bags. i love each and one of them! enjoy them now.
  8. OMG :nuts: I'm really speechless !! I only can say: GORGEOUS, AMAZING, STUNNING - 3 fantastic bags to a lovely lady :tup::drool::love:! I'm so happy for you - CONGRATS 'A' addicted... :flowers:

  9. congrats on your great haul! wow, the tomato is really pretty. your pic's changed my perception of it!
  10. Oooh, looky how happy these baggies are with you, all nice and cozy, nesting together:party: I'm so happy you love them!!!!:yahoo:

    I don't need to tell you how much I adore those baggies, I :heart: them all!!!!

    ...Now onto a bright red Work, hugh??:graucho:
  11. OMG gorgeous bags!! The Tomato looks deliciously edible, LOVE Plomb and like you, I'm not much of a brown gal but that Sienna looks like a heath bar!.....yummmmmm. Congratulations and enjoy your X-mas goodies!!:tup:
  12. mmm tomato, i love it!
  13. 3 bags at once? :yahoo: I love them all! :love::tup::drool:
  14. You must be in nirvana :love:

    The Sienna is stealing my heart :heart: Congrats sweetie :flowers:
  15. Wowzers! Leather on all of them is DIVINE, but this one in particular had me groping my screen :drool::drool::drool: