Xmas gifts to myself: LV, Lanvin, Louboutin, and Juicy. No Bbag though :(

  1. i am always a Bbag girl at heart. it is my first and only love but for this christmas, i couldn't help but to find some other goodies for myself.

    note to Mod: i don't mind if you move this to a more appropriate section :smile:

    1) LV mahina XL in gris (this bag is way too pretty to pass up. i love that it is really BIG)
    2) LV stephen sprouse scarf (i am really into leopard this year for some odd reasons)
    3) Lanvin ballet flats in violet satin and MJ black patent leather (most comfortable shoes/brand ever)
    4) Christian Louboutin in ballerina (graffiti style rocks), yoyo 85 and pigalle 70 (must-have classics but i know most CL's fan likes these in higher heels)
    5) Juicy plaid and black jackets (i never thought i would buy anything from this line but when i saw these jackets, i knew i had to get them)

    happy holidays everyone! have fun!
    LVmahinaXL.jpg mahinaXLgris.jpg
  2. the scarf and the black jacket:
    SSscarf.jpg juicyblackjacket.jpg
  3. my shoes:
    xmasshoes.jpg lanvinflats.jpg
  4. the CLs:
    CLballerina.jpg CLpigalle.jpg CLyoyo.jpg
  5. my plaid jacket:
  6. OMG!! GORGEOUS!!! The scarf is TDF!!! Totally HOT!!
  7. congrats on the GREAT purchases robotdoll! Love, love :heart: the violet lanvin flats! Thank you for sharing! Great eye candy! :drool:
  8. Oh robotdoll I'm just speechless :nuts:!! I LOVE all of your AMAZING purchases, especially this GORGEOUS jacket :drool:! CONGRATS dear - you've fantastic taste :flowers::love:

  9. Merry Christmas!

    I'm :love::love::love: your flats and CLs!
  10. Robotdoll, you have such a beautiful exquisite taste (not only in Bal):love:

    Beautiful LVs and Lanvins, and love your outfits as well :tup:
  11. love evrything.expecially the CL's. perfect heel size!! Congrats!!
  12. :wtf::drool:the shoes! :nuts:
  13. Wow - good for you! What a fab Christmas you have had. Congrats!
  14. Wowwww, you're rocking big time with your purchases, robotdoll!!! I'm totally green with envy! Love all your CLs & Lanvin flats, xpecially the CL graffti one. Seen & tried it IRL and it really really rocks!:love:

    Congrats!!! Love all your purchases.:love::love:
  15. OMG !!! Louboutin !!!!!!!! I want some !!!