xmas gift from my mom! (pics)

  1. well i had put this item on my wishlist at vuitton.com, even though i knew it had long been sold out. i just figured i would put it there anyway, in case i or DH ever saw one on eBay or whatever. anyways my mom saw it on my wishlist and she said it looked really nice, so as a gift she said that if i could find one then she would give me the $$ for it as xmas gift. :woohoo:

    so i had been trying to get one on eBay, but no luck. however, yesterday, when we went in to the LV at Hollywood & Highland to get my new pomme Houston (had to get a new one since the one i had bought last month had wrinkles on it), i saw that they had one!! :yahoo: the SA said it was the last one left. :p i guess i was pretty lucky!

    well, i guess u can tell what it is from the shape of the bag/box...


  2. bandeau!!! I would say a tie but I really doubt it LOL, such a long shopping bag I never saw one of those hehe
  3. :popcorn:
  4. heh heh, i love doing this reveal thing...lol

    and yeah, it is a bandeau..

  5. Almost :d
  6. it's the Sweet Flowers bandeau, in rouge! :nuts:


    on my new Pomme Houston (sorry, just realized tag is showing, lol)

    i love this bandeau because it looks great on both my Pomme and Amarante bags. i never thought i was a "scarf person", but this one changed my mind! :smile:
  7. Ohh thats lovely!!
  8. I'm in loved :heart: The best combination ever! Gongrats!!!
  9. Congrats! it looks super great on your LV.
  10. Lovely! Congrats!
  11. The bandeau is stunning! Congrats! Happy New Year!
  12. the bandeau looks great with the bag... congrats
  13. Hot! Congrats! :flowers:
  14. This is sooooo gorgeous!!!!:love: Lucky girl!!

  15. very nice, it complements the bag so nicely!! Congrats!