X'mas gift for yourself ???

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  1. What are u giving yourself for christmas this year ??? :p

    I'm giving myself a MIKIMOTO pearl bracelet in yellow gold :nuts:
    Yellow gold to go with the GH on my black birkin from Paris.

    Black birkin is x'mas gift from DH !

    I'll try not to open the box till x'mas :supacool:
  2. I spent so much $$ for my wedding last sept and I had bought mikimoto pearls for myself, my mom and my MIL (impulse buy) :p I am sooo broke! My wishlist is a H twilly, a Chopard Happy Watch, or even a H wallet (Bilfold).
  3. Yikes.......my Birkin was it for me............well........except for a few small orange boxes tucked here and there under the tree.......:supacool:

  4. LOL !!! What do u have in those small orange boxes :graucho:
  5. Under the tree for moi (some are en route):

    Violette Chevre Karo GM
    Pelican cadena in palladium
    Harp cadena in palladium
    Chanel black patent quilted clutch
    Christian Louboutin Leopard Wing-tip Wedges
    Hermes Turandot scarves in navy and pink
  6. I'm leaving it up to DH. He's getting good at the gift-giving thing.....
  7. Got myself a maxi H-our watch with orange alligator strap for myself, for Xmas. :supacool:

  8. :drool: :drool: What a LOOT :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I think I should be more generous to myself :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. I, Orchids, hereby give KatyC permission to go all out in gifting herself this Christmas. :nuts:
  10. Oh, I think I am "done"...but...hmmm...

  11. LMAO :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I think I should re-wrap all the stuff I bot from paris and put them back under the x'mas tree :roflmfao: There are alota chanel and hermes boxes :nuts:
  12. Orchids....such an interesting list! I particularly like the last selections.......
  13. I took over the Christmas shopping this year for the major things for myself b/c DH usually gets himself into a panic shopping for me and I usually wind up returning the crazy jewelry or whatever he gets me. Thought I'd save myself a trip this year!
  14. LOL!!! :roflmfao: Okay, GF, stop projecting your secret desires onto me. You know you want that Himalaya....
  15. LOL......damn, busted again........!