Xmas Gift for my Practical Mom...Help!

  1. I want to get my mom a nice purse for Christmas. She never spends money on herself and has used the same purse for the last two years...it's on it's last legs! And when she does spend on herself...she gets a $25 from Target. So I want to get her a decent quality bag (not too high end or she won't use it...she things I'm nuts with my shopping). Here is what I am thinking:
    ~~Black leather
    ~~Good quality..she will use it for a least a year or more!
    ~~Medium size, compartments good, but I'm going to get her a chameleon too
    ~~Zip top I think, or single snap...nothing too funky to get into in a hurry
    ~~Satchel style, or a least a single strap that easily goes over the shoulder with a winter coat
    ~~Under $200

    I checked HH during the last sale but none screamed "mom" to me.
    PS - She's 56 in case that affects your opinion.

    Would appreciate any advice you can offer! Thanks!! :tup:
  2. I think your criteria are well thought-out, I'm sorry I don't have any specific styles to refer you to but you could always check out a Coach outlet or go online and search sites like Zappos.com or Endless.com where you can search according to color, style, etc.
  3. Your mom sounds just like my mom:roflmfao: I think a Coach outlet or Cole Haan bag might be your best bet. They are pretty refined designs and both seem to have pretty durable leather. The Coach Hamptons line especially seems to have tough tumbled leather. They are also both brands that I think our cost-conscious moms might roll their eyes at, but aren't outrageous.
  4. I think a Cole Haan would be wonderful. There are a ton to choose from. Here's one I'm loving:
  5. I'd suggest something from Longchamp or Furla. Their bags are "sturdy" enough for practical-minded people, stylish enough though not too trendy, and lightweight (I'm assuming she won't want to carry anything too heavy). You'll also very easily find something from either store that won't break the bank. I've had bags from both and they've lasted me years.
  6. Awww, you're a very good daughter! I'm sure your mother will love anything you get, but I think Coach and Cole Haan are safe bets for classic and durable bags. Let us know what you do! Want my daughter's e-mail address?.... :graucho:
  7. How about something from the Italian brand, Coccinelle. They generally make solid bags in Italian leather in fairly classic styles. Yoox is usually a good source for these. Here are some examples I found all within your budget. They're all fairly safe because I was keeping my mum in my mind, but they do have "cooler" styles available if your mum is funkier than mine :p

    The first one comes in black, but I somehow managed to save the brown version!





  8. id go try to get a nice little bargain from the coach outlet. banana makes classic leather bags too and theyre very reasonable
  9. I think Coach bags are a good deal.
  10. I would head to a Coach outlet. There you will be able to find a ton of bags under $200.
  11. Wow. I went looking for a bag for my Mom with virtually the exact same criteria (except not black) last spring! I ended up with a Cole Haan small village bucket tote. Retail is more than you wanted ($295) but you may find it a some sites with online discount coupons and I got my on sale from Neimans for just over $200. See loves it. It's practical, durable, not flashy or trendy but obviously a really nice, quality bag. It was the perfect choice for her.

  12. Ladies, thank you very much for all of your great recommendations. I'll scope them out and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much!
  13. I was also going to suggest the Coach outlet. You might not find what youre looking for <$200 though...

    My mom sounds a lot like yours. She likes the non-logo'ed Dooney and Bourke bags and she LOVES my Elliott Lucca bags. Cole Haan also seems like a good choice...