Xmas gift for my Mom


Nov 9, 2009
Ladies need you help!!!!

I am going to the mall in a few hours, what should I get for my Mom???

Monogram Speedy 30 or Neverfull PM?

If you like the speedy is the 30 ok or should I get the 35?



Jul 29, 2009
What kind of bags does your Mom usually carry? I don't like open top bags myself so I'd rather have a Speedy. But some women don't like hand-held bags or do like open top totes.


Oct 9, 2010
Of these two, I prefer the Speedy 30. It just has a better presence to me; the Neverfull PM just seems too small. IMO But of course, I have no idea how tall your mom is. LOL :smile: Good luck in your decision. I think you will know when you get there and see them both.
Jun 23, 2010
Another vote for the speedy! It's the most classic, it has a zip top, and will be a great size. Depending on your mom's height and proportions, the neverfull pm might look a little too small.
Jul 3, 2006
I'm a mom. Get the speedy! In a 30. I personally have always hated the neverful. I don't like the thin straps and to me it just looks cheap to be honest. If you want a tote, the BH is much nicer and much richer looking. Beautiful hardware, nice leather straps that patina beautifully and can be clipped shut a bit at the top. I see neverful fakes everywhere and it's just really flimsy looking. The straps dig because they are so thin and I just don't feel the quality and materials are there to make it worth the money. I recommend a speedy 30! Classic, pretty, and just understated richness. Everyone needs a speedy, especially a mom. I've been carrying one for 25 years. Replacing as needed. I can't imagine being without one. I probably wouldn't wear a neverful if I was given one free. That's just my opinion though. A lot of members like them. It's just I've been buying LV over 25 years and I just feel like it's probably the lowest quality bag I've ever seen LV produce in all those years. (Sorry neverful lovers!!). I do use my BH a lot though and love it a lot. Enough that I bought each of my three daughters one as well.

How wonderful of you to buy your mom an LV!
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