Xmas/Channukah/Kwaanza gift for your husband or close friend whos a guy?

  1. Its that time of year again. As always, when I asked my husband what he would like for Christmas, he said, "I dunno. I don't really need anything. I always like it when you give me the "orange boxes."

    He has two Hermes belts, three Hermes ties, and an Hermes wallet, all gifts from me that made a big hit. What next? What are your favorite things for guys at Hermes? I am thinking he could use another belt and the cool tie with the toy drums on it.
  2. Do you live in a place where it would be useful to get him a wool scarf? Then there are those credit card holders, if he smokes there are those beautiful ashtrays.
  3. Gloves, warm scarf, perfume, passport cover if he travels a lot, some cups if he's into his beverages....
  4. how about a watch?
  5. Hermes Playing cards?
    Hermes golf items?
  6. Does he smoke? They make the most beautiful humidors. Also, there's a foldable valet that's perfect for traveling.
  7. Hermes playing cards are sweeeeet.
  8. Rocabar cologne
    Hermes ties (the whimsical ones with animals or the special edition ones)
  9. gloves, I gave my DH a pair a couple of years ago and he loves them
  10. My BF is always very happy when I offer him H ties (he need to wear ties for work, and he works a lot)...
    and now he has 30 at least...
  11. A watch!
    And if you want to really go nutso, they have a special edition watch for men (only 10 were made, I believe). It's a stunningly gorgeous modified Cape Cod with a rouge h croc band, guilloche face in rouge H, and of course a large rosewood box with crocodile inset to carry it in. :drool:
  12. jedimaster, you can't go wrong with another tie (maybe in a colorway you haven't purchased before), the playing cards, cologne, an agenda, and the watch Cynthia mentioned sounds absolutely gorgeous. :smile:
  13. My DH loves the cashmere scarves and they look terrific under a winter coat. The orange if he's brave (you only see a little at the neck for a lift) or the grey if he's a chicken :p
  14. Harnais watch? I kind of want to buy my DH one.