Xmas came early .....

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  1. .... in a pretty little packaging, and accompanied by a pretty little card .... from a very humourous friend. :heart: (I know you would read this) My life would be so dull without the laughter you constantly bring me.
    Xmas 1.jpg
  2. Oh, how pretty Mrs Sparkles. And what a sweet, humourous friend!!
  3. Pretty in Pink ....
    Xmas 2.jpg
  4. Very pretty! Is that the new H scarf packaging?
  5. Pretty!

    Those are Christmas sleeves that go over scarf boxes :yes:
  6. Thanks, ms piggy. It really is so pretty. And it means alot to me.

    Not really. That was just the Xmas-y 'sleeve' over the orange box.
  7. What a thoughtful friend!! And a beautiful shade of pink!
  8. Merry Christmas!!!!
  9. Thanks Loony. :flowers:

    MrsS, I really need to get down to the store soon before my SA forgets me, work has been BAD. :hysteric:
  10. Thats gorgeous!!
  11. Sorry to hear that work's bad, ms piggy. Hopefully work winds down over the next week. She will be on leave for a week. And don't worry. She thinks of you and remembers what you want. She will take good care of you. *It* will come ..... :yes::flowers::okay:
  12. Gorgeous! I was looking at these today, but my SA only had the yellow/orange/brown ones left.
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. ohh! PRETTY
  15. Wow!! Lovely!