XM Radio -- opinions?

  1. Does anyone have XM radio (particularly one of their mobile iPod-like devices)?

    What do you think? Better than just a plain MP3 player? I'm a little wary about the monthly fees, but maybe it's worth it?
  2. I used to laugh at people who *had* to have sat radio.. until I got it in my car. Love it and completely worth the money. Especially when taking long trips. I should note, though, that I listed to a lot of talk and comedy radio but there are also many great music stations.
  3. I have XM in my car, and I have XM to go for my office at work. My XM to go can be used at home, work or in my husband's car. I love it! I listen to music all day and our radio stations around here are awful. So many commercials, so much talking. I bought my XM to go last year before the new xm/mp3 players came out so I don't know how those work. I only listen to regular radio when I need a traffic report.
  4. We have it in our cars--no portable devices. I'll never go back. We just took an all day drive to VA and back and it's wonderful not to be searching for stations or trying to agree on a CD.
  5. I owned the pioneer inno and got a free trial but I didn't end up keeping it because the reception was nonexistent in my apartment. (reception was excellent everywhere else..my job, bus, etc)...

    I really like XM. I'll probably get it when I get a car.
  6. sirius is SO much better. we had an XM reciever for a long time in one of our demo kitchens at work, and it was fun, but the channel selection on sirius is much better, imo. i couldn't find a station that i really identified with on XM, but the car audio department is right next to us in the store and they usually play Sirius, and i hear songs that i love all the time on it.

    the monthly price isn't that much (like $13, i think) and if you're in the car a lot or fly often, i think it's worth the price, particularly if you get one of the recievers that's multifunction and can go with you all day, not just in your car.
  7. I have it in my car and don't know how I ever lived without it.
  8. I totally agree with Amanda! SIRIUS is way better than XM. They have an amazing selection! Check out their newest addition, the Stiletto.
  9. We had sirius, my bf thought it was cool for like the first week, but then he stopped using it, I was never used it. It really came in handy for a road trip we took, but it was promptly canceled afterward because when we were on that road trip he finally realized that it hadn't been used it in months! And honestly, on that road trip, there were still times I felt like I was flipping through everything and couldn't find anything I wanted to hear, but the nice thing was getting reception everywhere we went.

    So it had good stations and we enjoyed it the few times we listened to it, but those times were so rare that it didn't make sense to continue paying for it, for us. Obviously a lot of people like it, just depends on whether or not you think you'll really use it or not.
  10. I love satellite radio, I think it is a Godsend especially when taking long trips or sitting in traffic! I use it every time I'm in my car! I have Sirius radio but haven't tried XM though. I've heard that Sirius is better than XM so I would have to agree with everbody else that Sirius is probably better!
  11. I'll be honest and say that the commercial free claims that XM makes, are crap :hysteric: I have to turn the station a lot more than when I first got it 2yrs ago. Chanels 20 and 21 are THE worst!

    I would go with Sirus if I had a choice.
  12. FYI - XM is being sued by everyone & their brother. The big labels have at least 2 lawsuits that I am aware of. They are stealing content & not paying royalities to the creators. Until these lawsuits make their way through court they still can broadcast. But eventually they will probably be forced to merge with Sirius or go out of business. So like many internet businesses, their marketing plan is "F everyone we steal from. We'll make our millions till the courts shut us down."
    As far as I know Sirius doesn't have this problem. They seemed concerned about doing it right.
    I know this doesn't effect any of you, you are just their customers. Stay with them if you like them. But if your a stockholder in XM they are not being responsible with your investment.
  13. I have both- XM and Sirus- and I think they're both basically the same- my boyfriend prefers Sirus though. We had one of those portable sirus players but we only had it for like 2 months before the car was stolen- but i don't think we ever really used it enough to recomend someone to buy it, for portable muisic i think the ipod is all you need
  14. I have a portable XM and I have Sirius in my cars. Sirius just has better stations and they really are commercial free where XM I find myself changing the stations more. Sirius also has Howard Stern if you like him.

    Also, I paid like $250 for a 5 year contract (about 2 years ago when they first came out) with Sirius. I don't know how much it is now. I think it is sooooo worth the money. It's like when cable tv first came out, people couldn't believe anyone would pay for television. I believe XM was more money and not worth it.
  15. One of my friends has XM radio, which he can't seem to live without.

    I really don't see the apeal to XM Radio.. :shrugs: