XL Zoe???

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  1. I just bought an XL Zoe! :smile: (Signature/Copper) Should be here w/in 5-6 business days.
    Does anyone have an Zoe XL pics to share?
  2. I've got two pictures of my Black Leather XL Zoe I can share:


  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nice to be able to get a better concept of the size. :biggrin: Looks perfect to me. Def can't wait!
  4. That's great! Each size Zoe has it's own special personality. The XL is definitely eye-catching. Also, if you're interested, Halle Berry likes the XL Zoe too. Enjoy yours when it arrives!

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  5. the waiting part is soooooooooooo annoying. :sad: but it will be well worth the wait. :smile:
  6. I know how it feels to wait. I have a Speedy 35 in repair and waiting for it to return. :tumbleweed:
  7. I only have a few coach items & have never bought a wristlet before. Do you have any? I posted a new thread. I have a BlackBerry Curve & I was wondering if they make any that would fit it well w/maybe some money and credit cards?
  8. I have a few wristlets but I never use them because I find them to be too small and too flat for my purposes. I have a Clinique makeup case I use to hold all my important stuff. It's too bad because they're so pretty. I have collected a few but have currently no use for them. Still, I am always amazed that when external circumstances change, I always find some use for stuff that I have not had use for before.
  9. I have mini skinnies which are great but it's kind of dumb to have 3 in one bag. lol.
  10. ^If you can use 'em, then you're better than me!^ :yes:

    I collect them but I am still waiting for the time when they will present themselves to me as essential items I must take with me in my handbags. ;)
  11. i really like the poppy wristlets. it's such a tough choice. i might just get a bunch & decide what works best for my phone. :biggrin: lol
  12. i'm thinking a bleeker leather tattersall leather wrislet in lilac. i love shades of purple. :biggrin:
  13. I am 5'2 and alil fuffy but her are some pics of my black xl zoe.

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  14. i'm 5'2 as well! now i really have a good idea of how the bag will look on me length wise. :biggrin: thank you!
  15. what colors does the xlrg zoe come in?