XL Mahina white instead of Mono Neo?

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  1. HI guys I have been on waitlist for the mono Neo for March but after seeing some pics of it I am thinking it might be to small for me besides it is a lot for mono. I decided to get a XL Mahina in white. When I called this weekend there were only 8 left and the price increase is the 18th so I figured I better act now! Did I make the right choice? I was a little nervous about ordering a white bag without seeing it first but the sa said it is new and was not put out. I do have a black XL Mahina and love it. This is my last bag for the year so I wanted to go out with a bang! Do you think it is a better choice than the Neo? Thanks again. BTW if anyone has pics of the white one please post I haven't seen any.:biggrin:
  2. I think you made a great choice. I saw the Blanc Mahina at my LV a few weeks ago -- it is gorgeous -- I know you'll love it!!
  3. I prefer the Mahina over the Neo...you made a good choice. What price increase? Is it on all of the bags?
  4. I think you definitely made the right choice. I think the mono Neo is adorable but the price point is way too high, in my opinion. I don't have the white but I have seen it in person and it's absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on your purchase! :yahoo:
  5. The sa said all bags:sad: Mono Neo will go up to $2230 from $2180!
  6. I like the Mahina more
  7. I saw the white mahina in L and it was beautiful. But I am too messy to own a bag that's white.
  8. I believe you made the right choice!! I love, love the Mahina, all colors are wonderful, but with the black and darker colors you really can not see the beautiful perforations and LV designs, but on white/cream, it just really pops! the white is not a stark white, more of a cream, just beautiful!! You will not regret your choice!!
  9. I'd rather have a Mahina bag anytime over a Mono bag, just my 2 cents.
  10. If it were between the metalic Eden Neo I'd say pick that over the Mahina but since it's the regular Mono Neo than yes, definitely pick the Mahina. I got to see the whole Eden line this weekend and have to admit I was pretty impressed when I saw it IRL. The bags just shimmer. So different than anything i've seen in a while. I had my SA put me down for the Peche (which is more like a pinkish rose color) Speedy. The speedy is a little larger than the 30 size, very soft.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Made the right choice.;)
  12. You definitely made the right decision! I love the Mahina. The Neo isn't worth the price tag!
  13. love white mahina!!
    haha personaly think XL is too bag
    L would be good for me~
    price increase?
    is it only for mahina bags?
    or all bags??
  14. I agree! If it was between the metallic it would be a tough decision. But in this instance, I'd go w the Mahina!
  15. Ok guys I just got my white XL Mahina this week. I am in love wow! She is soooo pretty and I love how you can see the LV's but there is one problem. I am scared to use her! It is so light. I use my black one all the time and no worries. I have azur bags to and just wipe off but I don't know about this one? What should I do? I don't won't to return/exchange but that's a lot of $$$ if I get it dirty. Thanks guys for your help:smile: