XL Heritage Stripe Satchel

  1. Does anyone have a pic of the heritage stripe satchel in geranium? mine is on its way and i didn't get to see it in person because every store in manhattan ran out of them! had it in brown but seemed blah to me. I'm dying to see the actual color, the website color is never perfect and the catalog color seems a lot more red then the more orange of the site...

    Thank so much!!
  2. i posted pics yesterday - in my little something green thread - i also posted a pic of my new green duffle
  3. I saw it in person yesterday in Boston, the geranium was pretty, a nice mx between red and orange. In the lighting I saw it under it looked more orangey I'd say. Pretty though.
  4. Thank you so much! I loved it from the start and since last night i've found a bunch of pics of it. My mom got me all nervous saying that it looked way to orangy to her. It's still in the warehouse and i should have it by tuesday or wednesday. I don't know if i'm going to be able to hold out til then.