XL GST or Coco Pleats Tote ???

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  1. I have been on the hunt for a larger GHW purse/bag that can fit folder/files when I need to bring home work and don't want to carry a work bag/brief case. I bought the Coco Pleats tote and the XL GST bags both with GHW.

    Which should I keep? I want something chic, timeless but with a (little) bit of edge. I've been eyeing the GST for a while but was holding out for something a little less classic. I found the Coco Pleats with GHW but now I can't decide. I like the shiny GHW on the GST and the Pleats may be too edgy/not timeless??? I like a little flash but classy too (I'm older).

    I'm definitely a Chanel girl -- to give you sense of my style, I have a couple of the 2.55 reissue (black and red), Grand shopping Paris Biarritz, messenger bag, bowler bag, a few WOC, travel trolley bag and mini flap bag. LOVE Chanel costume jewelry too, esp the large cuffs and necklaces.

    Help!?!! Can't keep both -- they're too similar. I appreciate the input and advice!

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  2. I really love the coco pleats tote! Ultimately it could come down to a question of comfort. I hear that the GST can be uncomfortable and heavy.

    The GST is classier and is definitely more timeless, but if it were up to me, I love the unstructured look of the coco pleats.

    If you don't mind my asking, how much was the coco pleats?

    If you could justify it, you could keep both - they could be used in different situations.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! Not a bad dilemma to have. :smile:
  3. Thanks for the input GlamDoc. I went back to Chanel the other day and I'm now leaning towards the GST -- but not the XL size. I think the XL is a bit too big so I'm going for the regular size GST. Still fits work files though not as much.

    The Coco Pleats is $4,200 -- I have the wraparound coco pleats bag and that was pretty pricey too. Not sure why but the Pleats line ran pretty expensive (more than normal Chanel anyway). The GST is $2,900. So another reason I'm leaning towards the GST is the price difference... and the fact that I bought yet another bag when I went to try the regular GST. I bought this season's metallic Boy Flap -- cost just at much as the pleats but I think it's a bit more timeless and versatile (gold and silver hardware). Love!