XL Caramel Courier starting at 10pounds

  1. Huh - it's been pulled? or the link is wrong?
  2. yikes, when that message shows up, it usually always means the listing's been pulled :Push:
  3. Weird. I saw that auction earlier. It didn't look like anything was wrong with it.
  4. there probably wasn't anything wrong with it, e-bay's done the same to me :sad:
  5. there, it works again. ;)
    the seller is new too, but the bag looks fantastic.

    I'd love this bag, but I couldn't deal with a bank transfer.
  6. Only 1 rating and wants bank wires = BIG NO NO for me. Otherwise it'd be mine.....maybe....haha.

    *Contemplates shredding CCs.....*
  7. Well~ if this helps~ if you check the sellers completed items he has sold some high end things. Beatuiful bag! This is the s/s '06 caramel/cognac color~right?
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