Xena The Warrior Princess!! :)

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  1. I loved this show.... I know how dorky.. LOL

    I used to copy the yelling she does, when she flips..:upsidedown: :lol:

    I didnt really like Gabrielle though.. LMAO

    Anyone else liked the show??
  2. a few years back (ok maybe 8 or 9 years ago?) I used to watch this w/ DH...He liked it more than I did though...
  3. i loved this show and hercules. i had a huge, huge crush on kevin smith who played the villian-god ares. i was so sad when i heard he died in an accident for a movie filming in asia. so sad! but i still enjoy re-runs now and again.
    oh, i even saw kevin sorbo at lax one time.