Xen-Tan. Anyone tried this new 'wonder' fake tan?

  1. New to the UK, anyway. This fake tan has received rave reviews, apparently being easy (foolproof) to apply, nice-smelling, streak-free and olive toned (rather than orangey).

    I am about to order some and wondered if anyone has used Xen-Tan and what were their experiences.

    Am hoping this doesn't end up being another half-used product taking up space in my 'tanning trolley', after I've thrown it in there with my orange hand :wtf:

    Link to review:

  2. i've never heard of it
  3. never heard of it. their website makes it sound great but of course it would since it's what they say. I'm curious to know how it is. I haven't had much luck with tanners.
  4. Sounds awesome, think I'll buy myself some. I really am ghostly pale, all I do is burn in the sun. I've tried sunbeds and other fake tans but I end up looking orange which is no fun.
  5. This tanner sounds great. I've tried them all and I have yet to find one that the smell doesn't make me sick.
  6. My mum has used this for about 6 months now she loves it, i've used it a few times but i'm a st-tropez fan myself and i think its similar to that exept its less messy and smells MUCH nicer (hmm why don't i use it!?)
  7. What's the resulting colour like xhollieax? Does it not streak (as it claims) and does it fade evenly (i.e. not leaving dry, brown patches on elbows/arms etc?).

    Sick of looking like a dry old monkey with these fake tanners :cursing:
  8. I think the resulting colour is lovely, not a dark as St-tropez but nice and olive coloured not orangy at all, and yes it really does come off nice and even as long as you moisturise regualrly/exfoliate etc, also it is childsplay like st tropez you can literally just slap it on as long as you have covered all of your skin you wont streak :smile:

    What we do for a tan eh!
  9. Hmm, I may try it. I've been trying one of those gradual tanners and I'm not that dark but I"m realizing that tanners make the stretch marks on my legs show up more, and there are ones I never knew I had that I see now with tanner on. So maybe I should stick to being pale as a ghost.