Xchange? Keep? Help?

  1. I recently bought the Berkeley bag in Azur, but after reading how it stains easily and it's hard to remove, I'm wondering if I should return it and get it in Ebony? I absolutely love it, but it's my first Louis and I don't want to end up being sad or not want to use it because it's dirty looking. I'm waiting on the Trevi PM and the Tivoli PM because I want a bag in each of those lines, but maybe I should get the Berkeley in Ebony? I dunno, so confused. I'm going back to Louis tomorrow to return the Koala wallet (gettin a Pochette in Pomme instead :smile: ) so what do tpf'rs think? *startin to feel sad now*
  2. i think u should keep what ya truly love not the ones u like..
  3. I am not sure that Azur does stain easily, I haven't had any problems with any of my azur pieces. If you love it KEEP IT!!! Keep some alcohol free baby wipes with you if it worries you alot, they take surface dirt off w/o harming the canvas. That bag is sooooo very pretty in azur :love:
  4. Every bag has it's flaw. If it is your first love, keep it. You can always buy it in Ebony in the future!
  5. If you get the berkeley in ebony, you would have a lot of 'dark brown' bags along with your Trevi PM and Tivoli.

    I think you should keep the azur but be careful with it, only wearing it when you are not in jeans etc. :smile:
  6. if the staining u are refering to the canvas than i think all light color bags (leather or canvas) will have the possibility of denim rub on issue. so unless u are not going to get any light color bag i'll say keep the Berkeley Azur :smile:. personally i feel light color canvas is easier to maintain than light color leather.
  7. I have an azur speedy & i wear jeans all the time.....dark jeans with no problems at all. I just make sure to wash brand new jeans before wearing them. A friend of mine wore a pair of dark jeans before washing them and ruined her azur saleya. I love the look of azur!!!
  8. I think you should sleep on it and think about it for a couple of days, you don't want to regret returning it if you change your mind and decide that you really like the azur. It's certainly more gorgeous than the ebene btw ... imo.
  9. Hon, just keep it and spray some leather protectant spray on it, and clean/ condition it every so often. You'll be fine.

    It seems like you have a lot of "second thoughts"! Just settle in with your bag!
  10. I love the Azur and the Berkley is very classy! Wait a couple of days and see how you feel with it. That is a great 1st LV bag!!!! Congratulations.....cheers to Mr. Vuitton. :drinkup:
  11. I'd keep the bag and perhaps spray the bags with a leather protector to keep the leather from getting dirty and slowing the patina speed?
  12. i prefer not to have light bags
    i stain everything
  13. Your first impression of the bag was what compelled you to purchase this bag so hang on to that thought and don't let others' opinions sway you if you really love the bag. How you feel about your bag is what matters the most so think about it some more before making any decisions. Good luck!!
  14. I say keep it!!!!
  15. thank you so much everyone. i am going to keep her because i fell in love at first site. i really do appreciate everyone's opinion. berkeley thanks you all as well~