Xbox & Xbox 360??

  1. does anyone know if you can play regular/old xbox games on a 360?? We have about 7 or 8 regular xbox games and of course an old xbox that I need to sell but I'm not gonna sell the games if we can play them on the new system. So does anyone know?? I'm too chicken to try it out in case it ruins the new system.
  2. X-box 360 does have some backwards compatibility with only some of the x-box games. I don't think you would ruin the system if you were to try and see if they work you would probably just get some error message, about it not reading the disk or something along those lines. Hope this helps.
  3. It is backwards compatible but if the games aren't very well known then it might not have the emulators to play it. My brother has a ton of Xbox games and when he bought his 360 all except for 2 games wouldn't play. Microsoft is regularly updating to add new emulators which is what makes it possible to play the old xbox games.
  4. so basically I'm just gonna have to test them out by trial and error?? oh I hope it works!!

  5. I have both, all mine work. I guess some may not work as they are supposed to and the quality may look off or something, but I highly doubt it will damage your 360. I wouldn't have gotten the 360 if it wasn't backwards compatible so you're good:smile:
  6. Most are backwards compatible, but you're gonna have to have your 360 hooked up to a network connection to DL the emulators. They are free, though.

  7. cool, thanks so much. SO I have 9 games and only 3 are on that list. Hmmm guess I'll sell them w/the old xbox cuz it seems like too much work. Then I can use that money to buy new games. ;)

    DH is kinda sick of the old games anyway.