X Stamp?


Sep 23, 2006
Hello ladies,

This is my first post in the Coach section! I've been a bit Balenciaga-obsessed lately, but I will always love Coach bags! :P

A friend was recently given a Coach purse, but she didn't like the colour so she took it to a Coach boutique for a refund. They told her it was from the Coach section of a department store (due to the "X" stamp on the inside label-- a bit like the bullet stamp on Factory items). Is it true that department store Coaches are stamped with an "X" inside? Also, do department store Coach boutiques sometimes carry colours/styles that independent Coach retailers do not? :confused1:

Please help!

I know Nordstroms sometimes stamps their bags with a little "N" somewhere... I dont think Macy*s or Dillards does though.

The "X" stamp on the label usually means it's from a discount store like TJ Maxx/Marshall, not a dpt.store

And I've heard from Coach SA that dpt.stores sometimes do carry different colors from Coach boutiques
My bag from macy's doesn't have it, but I have seen it at TJ Maxxx Marshall, and they get their bags from department stores.

And Department stores definitely do sometimes carry different colors than the coach boutiques.
and sometimes...you can find a coach bag at TJMaxx/Marshalls...and it won't have the X on it.


go figure! Gotta love the consistency! hehehe

but Yes, the X is a mark of a discount dept store (TJM/Marshalls)...I've bought bags from Nordstroms and Macy's...no marks on it whatsoever.