X-Rated Pornaments Raise Eyebrows

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  1. Six controversial ornaments, which can be purchased for $9 at Spencer's stores in Jacksonville and other parts of Florida, include an X-rated snowman and reindeer.

    A television station reported that the pornaments can be found on store shelves at the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville in plain view of children and to anyone who walks into the Spencer's stores.

    Store workers said that there were no restrictions on who can purchase the pornaments in the store.

    "It is just sad they have to stoop to this kind of thing to defame Christmas," Hillcrest Baptist Church Rev. Jim Patterson said. "It says we are nothing more than sexual acts or psychical being and we are much more than that. We are spiritual beings and this is a spiritual holiday. And, why bring it to that level. It makes no sense to me."

    Some shoppers said they like the item and that they would make a great gag gift this holiday season. "I think they are kind of funny and they don't offend me," a shopper said in the report.

    Officials at Spencer's headquarters had no comment on the items.

    However, the back of the boxes say, "Unlike those other elves, we know everyone on the list (even the naughty ones) needs to have a smile and a laugh this time of year."

    The pornaments are also available online.
  2. So certain states want to make sex toys illegal. Why don't they just start by actually enforcing the 'No one under 18 admitted in Spencer's Gifts' policy?

    I'm pretty sure it's the same with others but there's that exact sign in the Spencer's in my mall, and it's clear that the associates don't enforce it.

    You can see 13 year olds walking around the adult section!
  3. Hahaha that's pretty funny! I don't think I'd want my kid looking at them though...
  4. I have two close friends that both work as managers of our local Spenser's and at our store there is NO age restriction. It may be different in different parts of the country, but all the Spenser's around here have a sign that clearly displays the fact that "Please be advised that adult content is sold in this store".

    My friends have told me that on MANY occasions they have parents come up to them and get pissed that the store sold a vibrator or whatever to their 15 year old. They've even had parents claim that they are going to sue the store! Now IMHO I don't think those types of things should be in the hands of certain teenages and young children....however I don't think anyone has a right to get pissed when the store clearly warns its customers before they walk in. I say this because at my local mall the parents in our community use the mall as a damn babysitter. They will drop off their kids, give them money, and them pick them up 6 hours later and then those are typically the parents who end up pissed about something their kid bought. The parents in my community would rather pitch and ***** than actually be effective, evolved and caring parents.

    ******Please, Please :idea: Don't take this as an attack in any way it's just my opinion :yes: , but I don't agree with people getting upset with Spensers and stores similar when it's simple to either teach your children not to go into those stores when alone, go with them, or simply don't shop at those types of stores.

    I know my little rant doesn't totally go along with the x-rated ornaments, but I think it's similar :yes: :P By the way I think those are hilarious!!!!! :roflmfao:
  5. I don't really go to Spencer's much, but I do know the one in my area carries adult-oriented items, and that these items aren't in any way kept separate from the rest of the stuff. I never understood how they even got away with that. You would think they would have a separate "Adults Only" section. Any kid can walk into that place and look at this stuff, and I don't think that's appropriate.
  6. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree, but the reason why they can get away with selling the items in plain sight is because they post a warning about the content. It becomes a "enter at your own discression" situation, which in turns takes away any liability. Plus they also get away with it because the items aren't sold as adult sexual toys they use phrases like "personal massager, Body oil, etc, etc" on their packaging. That's why I don't understand parents who get upset that the items are on display, simply be an envolved parent, I know parents can be with their kids at all times, it's impossible, but when with your children, simply don't go in the store and teach children that the items being sold aren't appropirate for their age and explain to them why they shouldn't go into stores like that when alone.
  7. It's the same thing with movies, and television, and what's on the internet and junk food ads. Parents need to teach their children between right and wrong.

    (Which is not to say sex is wrong, and buying things to enjoy sex more is wrong, but that there's a time and a place for everything.)

    Just out of curiosity, I google imaged the pornaments to see if there were anything else, and there are lots of filthy Christmas things, so it wasn't like the pornaments were anything new.

    They were just the first things called to attention.
  8. What sort of degenerate would purchase such items? I could just imagine some drooling inbred with a beer in hand guffawing at such contemptible things.:heart:
  9. That looks like the kinds of things my friends and I buy each other as gag gifts. I promise we're not bad people or perverts! We're just a bunch of boring, married couples who like a good laugh every now and then.

    I agree that parents need to teach their kids some responsibility. I would have never dared enter that store before I was an adult. My parents would have grounded me forever.
  10. :yes: ITA. They're ok for adults.

  11. adults or young adults with senses of humor... or people that live away from family and the only family they've got are a circle of friends.. um... sex addicts.. um.. S&M people...

    inbred people don't have money. they have to ask their mother-sister-daughter for it.
  12. and 'sexual' christmas is a thing of the past. some people (ahem rev. jim patterson) is acting like it's totally brand new information. they (spencers and more! waaaaaaaaaaay more!) have been making sexual christmas themed pornaments, holiday cards, calendars, MOVIES, oh hell, every sort of media/medium you can think of.. for decades now. i dont see what the big frickin deal is.

    i actually am getting some 'naughty' but nice homo-holiday cards to send out to my friends this year. hehehe. ;) and those pornaments are hilarious btw.
  13. The simple minds of degenerates require simple (however crude and obscene) things to make them laugh. This is why disgusting websites such as rotten.com** were created.

    ** I'll advise everyone not to seek out this website... even the censored photos shown in a news reports were too much for me to handle.
  14. I agree, nobody go on rotten.com, people! But you can't compare those ornaments to rotten.com!

    I don't think only sexual heathens find those ornaments humorous. I, personally wouldn't buy one, but I could see how some people might find them funny.

    (And maybe such a fuss wouldn't have been made about them if they were only sold online!)