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  1. guys, omg i need to share. Some of you may know about my horrible experience with another site: decormyeyes.com, if you search for it here youll see like a 20 page thread with some crazy guy stanley running his site like a jerk

    so i came across this site (recommended by a friend) .. i was so hesitant at first because i had a horrible experience b4 and i just have to say they are AMAZIIINGGG!!
    costumer service is amazing, just absolutelly everything.. their prices are soo low and everything is real and authentic. I spoke to one of the owners, MONICA and she told me to pass this on to you gals:

    first order $5 off - if you email them or call them and say "im a member of purseforum.com"

    I just got my package today and i recieved these glasses:

    [​IMG] = [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] $219.99


    [​IMG]=[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] $439.99

    ill try to post modeling pics soon!!! the glasses are amazing im so happy!! (=

    i already told all my gf's about this site and all my moms friends ordered glasses already

    plus, shipping is free:tup:

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  3. Ehh...I'm looking at their Chanel sunnies and I've seen lower prices (in fact a lot of their Chanel sunnies are kind of overpriced) BUT they do have a very good selection, thanks for sharing.
  4. hmm really?
    im not too fimiliar w/ chanel
    but i kno that their diors bvlgari's and gucci's are way lower than other sites
  5. thanks for sharing!
  6. since we are on the topic of glassses.. does any1 wear perscription glasses?..

    i havent gotten a new pair in like a 1 1/2.. i have the white dolce gabbana.. these:


    i dont like em anymore

    does anyone know of any cute new persc. glasses that came out?
  7. I'm glad it worked out well this time. Enjoy your new sunnies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.