'X-Men: The Last Stand' earns about $107 million in three-day opening

  1. So the movie become the largest ever for Memorial Day weekend and the fourth-biggest in box office history. The 20th Century Fox film opened in 3,690 theaters and get $28,997 per theater. Money.....money.....moooneyyy........

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. I can't wait to go and see it. So exciting. Hugh Jackman yummy
  3. Eat that, Tom Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hugh Jackman is a very good looking man without seeming too doltish or arrogant. Quite sexy!
  5. :rochard::yes::yes::yes:
  6. Everyone should watch this show. its such a gooood one.

    *im such a sucker for these kind of shows*
  7. Watched it and liked it although X1 and 2 were better.
  8. I watched this with a bunch of my X-Men-fan friends, and afterwards all I heard were complaints about how Brett Ratner destroyed the story, how the movie sucked, etc. So I am biased, but I thought it was just a-ok.

    Oh, and I liked MI3 a lot better than X3. Just my opinion though. :smile:
  9. Loved it, but they didn't follow the xmen story at all.
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