X-mas Wish


Nov 18, 2007
Hey everybody.

Christmas is slowely moving towards us, and like once again I can wish for a Handbag:smile:!!! I love handbags.. for my last birthday I got a black Chanel bag, with the silver CC sighn hanging on it and the zipper at the bottom. Basically like the Classy 2.55 Chanel just that the stiching is more seperated (the leather isnt as quillted as the classy one) but the C Sign is the same etc. Dont know its "name" sorry.
But since then I LOVE CHANEL. And i really dont know how to decide what to get this Dec. I dont want to get the classy 2.55 in black because I have the one i just got what is very similiar. But I thought about the new 2.55 reissued one in bronze metalic. Does anyone how much this one costs? And there are 5 sizes, right?

:heart:Id be happy if someone could tell me!!!