X-Mas shopping for LV ?

  1. I was just wondering what everyone was planning on getting for X-Mas for either themselves or for someone else.

    Me: I'm looking into getting something in the Suhali (reallly $$$!) or maybe something in Epi, or maybe even the Miroir line. :supacool:

    Bags: Speedy's (of course) or maybe in the Alma :P

    Anyone else? :confused1:
  2. oooh...a popincourt haut! hopefully...I was kinda thinking about not, because the upcoming price increase made me sad, but then I saw someone carrying it today on campus and I FELL in LOVE pretty much instantaneously...
  3. I'm planning on getting the black mc speedy or lockit horizontal and maybe ask my mom for the azur speedy.
  4. I was planning on either buying a damier speedy or papillon for myself (or asking BF to get it for me for Christmas) but now with news of the price increase, I'm not sure if I want to get a new LV bag. :hrmm:
  5. Miroir Speedy for myself .( if I like it:s ) and maybe a wallet for my DH:biggrin:
  6. i'm getting a wallet for sure, and either an agenda or pochette, haven't made up my mind yet
  7. I need (ok, not really) a damier azur pochette accessoires. I'm considering a damier wallet for my boyfriend.
  8. i got the petite fluer champ scarf (posted earlier) and wapity for my mommy :smile: I hope she will give me something LV in return as well :P hehehe (devil smile) :winkiss:
  9. my parents are doing my LV Christmas shopping as my birthday/graduation/Christmas gifts, so i'm just going to get something for my boyfriend.

    he already has a Taiga wallet, key case and Viktor, so maybe i'll get him an agenda. it'll be just in time for the new year too :nuts:

    AND I JUST REALIZED THIS IS MY 3000th POST!!!!!!!!! :nuts::yahoo: :party:
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo:OMG CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. CONGRATS sandra!!!! Ummm I will be getting from LV: miroir papillion, cabas innsbruck tote (mens collection, only IF I like it) Tobago keepall or ouva keepall (depending IF I like it and they still have it) OR a damier keepall if the other two keepalls are gone or I dont like them in real life and maybe some small accessories (Zippy wallet, and agenda in damier and damier azure cles), but everything else on my list is gucci or some sort of gadget (new ipod video's should be coming out) I've gotten most of the LV stuff I want over the past 4-5 months So after the keepall, miroir, acessories and cabas inssbruck I'll be set till S/S 07.
  12. i really wanna get the Damier papillon for my christmas. lol
  13. Sadly no. I stopped when there was an increase in June. I focused on bags from other brands that I love.
  14. From boyfriend damier azur speedy & groom cles. From myself...I'm not so sure yet!