X-mas party for work... but I have FINALS to study for.

  1. My work is having an X-Mas party, just going out for dinner. I get off work at 4:30 and it starts at 5, we'd leave the restaurant at maybe at 7 or 7:30. Otherwise I'd be home about 10 minutes after 4:30.

    I have finals this week and my grades on 2 of them depend on whether or not I'll pass. And graduate. I haven't gotten warnings or anything but I can't get another low grade or I'll risk failing. Needless to say I am so nervous and I still have so much more due and to study for.

    So this lady I work with guilt triped me into saying I'd go. She said "I have a problem with that, I want you there." "Can't you take a break from studying?"
    These people never even went to college. I'm also just working there through college myself.
    None of them like the other, they all gossip about eachother. This isn't some family connection we have going on. It's also a small group of about 10 people.

    Should I say I can't go? I mean this is about 2.5 hours of studying and working on my final projects that will be lost. And what I have to study I have to PUT together in order to study. I'm so nervous.
    This lady was like so mad at me. I heard her say our manager changed the date to Monday, and I'm assuming this is leaving someone else out that she probably wanted to be there? I have this feeling maybe they changed it so I could go or something, or maybe not. Like I'd be afraid of something weird like that being the case. But I said I couldn't this week anyway.

    What should I do? Should I just tell them I can't go I really need to work on my finals? I feel like I could fit everything in but I am so stressed already. I'd feel bad... I don't know what to do.
  2. You need to be firm and say that you cannot go. Be gentle and explain to them your predicament.
    School is more important, especially since two of your finals depend on a passing grade PLUS you're graduating! Do you really want to risk not graduating this year and do another year for a Xmas party?
    If they really care about you, they should understand.
    I guess if you feel really bad, maybe you can just stay for drinks/appetizer?
    Good luck!
  3. I would not go, but thats just me. Your school is your future, if anyone i feel as tho your employer should understand business before pleasure. If they dont understand they are rediculous people. I was supposed to go down to miami with friends last weekend and had to drop out last minute becasue I couldnt afford the time bc of school, it sucks but you need to prioritize you life. IMHO someone who cant understand school as a priority isnt worth listening to, especially over a party,
  4. I wouldn't go either. I would just call whoever is in charge and tell them something unexpected came up, and I am unable to go. Keep studying and school your priority, you will be happy you did. Good luck!
  5. Unless she's a manager and going is a requirement, you really don't have to go.

    Or, is it the type of thing where you can make an apperance and then bow out gracefully?
  6. Agree w/ everyone else. If you have other things to do that are more important, do them. It's a party, they'll get over it.
  7. i only have one final left but i must say i'm getting sick of finals! Is it normal? lol...good luck to u!
  8. I see no problem with telling them that you really need to study and can't go. That's a much more legitimate excuse than I've made in the past.
  9. Agh, I completely forgot to tell you guys what ended up happening. I really couldn't go and I was dreading having to tell them. We have a meeting every morning just to go over some things, and my manager asked "Alright, who's coming tonight still?" And I said "I really can't go... I really can't, it's school." And then like 2 other people were like "I can't go either" and I felt so stupid stressing about it. Because these people just plain didn't want to when I genuinely couldn't.
    That woman who was bugging me saying "I care if you don't go, I want you there, can't you take a break from studying?" was like "Ooohhh schooooool is sooo much more important," like she suddenly understood.

    Anyways, thanks! I read this before I went to work that morning and I felt better about it.