X-mas Help

  1. I have a 10 year old daughter, she has given me her X-mas list.
    She wants an I-pod, Lap top and clothes.

    I would like to get her the items she wants but my husband thinks this
    will spoil her. My mother has ordere her a small LV bag and I always purchase
    clothes and a new pair of boots.

    But just recently my husand and I have talked about buy high priced items
    for children. I can get a good deal on the Lap top but the I-pod???

    I want my children to understand hard work and not by spoiled.

    Note she was the I-pod that is $300
  2. Don't ever let her have an iPod.

    They will permanently damage her hearing.

    I used to work at an eye, ear, and throat doctor's office.

    I can't tell you how many hundreds of teenagers tested as "hearing permanently damaged" due to listening to music through earphones.

    iPods, walkmans, etc, etc.

    I think that in 10 years we are going to have a whole generation of young people with damaged hearing. Only the poor people who couldn't afford iPods will still be able to hear well.
  3. Don't give her everything. Give her something she'd be able to put to good use but don't give her everything on her list. It might make her think she gets whatever she wants or something like that,
  4. I agree. Set boundaries while young and she will appreciate what she has.
  5. Get her one of the three things not all of them.
  6. I totally agree :yes:
  7. I agree with the one big gift suggestion. And then some less expensive stuff like you mentioned.
  8. I agree with what sonya and kathyrose said. :yes:
  9. agree!
    i see this happen with my cousin, her parents always spoiled her since she was in kindergarten.
    now she's 15 and her dad is very sick and retired, and her mom is having financial problems, but my cousin can't understand the situation.
    she's a nice kid actually, she's been praying a lot for her father and not eating meats for weeks to get her prayer fulfilled. but she can't understand that her lifestyle has to changed.
    she still lives like her parents still rich.
  10. Maybe you can get her one of the big things, then the clothes/boots you mentioned.
  11. I'd give her the clothes and the smaller stuff but if she wants the bigger things maybe she should help work for them, offer to pay for part of them. I know, a 10 yr old doesn't have an income, but occasionally my parents would make me work for them, like through special chores around the house, not the ordinary things so in that way she'd "earn" the rest of what it costs. I resented my parents for doing that to me, but now at 24, when I look at my friends who always got everything on their wishlists regardless of how expensive they were... and now they're pretty helpless in the real world.
  12. Tell her Santa has a budget this year and ask her what she wants the most.
  13. My mom used to get my brother and I everything and anything - since our dad died she always felt like she had to do more than normal. I can tell you that I didn't appreciate all the gifts I got. If I'd only gotten one or two items I would have appreciated those things more than all the things I got over the years.

    One of the items that meant the most to me is the nightgown that my great-grandmother made for me. I still have it! :smile:
  14. When I was young, and after my parents were divorced, in my Mom's side of the family there were 5 kids (myself, my two brothers, and two steps)...we got $100 each spent on us for X-mas, and I never felt like I did without. Still to this day, we get $100 gift or a few smaller ones...we would set our priorities, and that is what we would get.
    Now, I spend about $150-200 per kid with my children, and I feel like it is plenty. if there is something big like a PSP or Xbox, then that will be the gift, and a few smaller ones. My kids have never complained, and they always are happy X-mas morning.
    Maybe you could do the one big thing (laptop, Ipod) and then wait for a birthday for the other???