x-mas gift for my sister. what do you think?

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  1. I really hope my sister likes this. I bought her the Speedy 25 and the multi-color chain. I think it's so pretty together. Hopefully she will too. And what do you think? Chain in the center or chain to the side?
    Image(2119).jpg Image(2129).jpg Image(2130).jpg Image(2132).jpg Image(2146).jpg
  2. Looks great! Chain to the center.:yes:
  3. :nuts: omg, you're a GREAT sister and i hope she knows it!!!

    I like the Chain in the centre! :wlae:
  4. i like the chain to the center, though the chain to the side looks very unique too!!

    u are a great sis!! why can't my bro treat me the same way?? (well he did get me a damier bifold..but that's too small haha)
  5. hot...the chain is pimp
  6. It's gorgeous. You made an excellent choice for her!

    I prefer the chain in the center although on the side it is nice as well!
  7. As much as I dislike Speedy's [sans MC and Epi], they look great together!!! :biggrin:
  8. "omg, you're a GREAT sister and i hope she knows it!!!"

    "u are a great sis!!"

    I'm her brother :biguns: not sister. LOL. My sister is the only girl in the family so she deserves only the best.
  9. ^^^ Awww... so true. You're such a nice brother.
  10. It looks great! You're an awesome bro
  11. What a great gift! You are lucky to have each other! :smile:
  12. What a wonderful gift! :heart:
  13. She´s very lucky, that´s an awesome gift!
  14. How come my brother never buys me LV:crybaby:. LOL you're sooo sweet, I'm sure she'll be delighted:love:
  15. wow what an awesome brother! looks great with the pastilles on the center, never thought of putting it to the side but looks good either way.