X Games, anyone?

  1. Did anyone watch the X Games this past week? I went to the Home Depot Center on the last day with my little brothers and it was really hot and tiring but super fun. We got to see Shaun White win the gold and it was really exciting! Anyway, I've been watching other events on TV and it's so much fun. Just wondering if anyone else was watching.
  2. My boyfriend watched some of it. I caught a glimpse here and there, but didnt really WATCH. I did see the guy who fell, his shoes came off when he hit the ground! Ouch.
  3. I watched some of it- it always amazes me!
  4. Oh man I missed it! I always enjoy watching a few of the events.. it's incredible to watch!
  5. I watched it on TV. My favorite events were Moto Best Trick and Freestyle.
  6. I don't kwow what is it :confused1: maybe we will get this program in some years here in Italy - as always!