Wynn Diamond

  1. Jeweler Dude just emailed me a pic of this diamond that he took while at JCK last week as a distraction while he continues to not update me on my band situation.

    It's a MONSTER.

    230.17 ct cut from a 581 ct Rough.

    It took the cutters in Antwerp more than two years to orientate then polish the diamond, creating the magnificent 230.17ct pear shaped diamond, with color grade of “H” and clarity grade of “VS1.” Two other stones were also cut from the same rough, a 6.00ct and a 2.00ct, both “F” color.

    It's mounted in a ridiculously amazing Cartier Mounting and is currently owned by Steve Wynn, as of 2007.
    wynndiamond1.JPG wynndiamondcert.JPG wynninmounting.JPG wynninperson.JPG
  2. Gorgeous!!

    Hey......."Acrowcounted"..........don't get any ideas!!!!!! And SurfergirlJen? The answer is NO!
  3. HAHAHAH no kidding! $1,083,750.00
  4. Ame - Is this his way of buttering you up while not getting your flyer band? Haha.... And if so, is it working?

    That thing is ginormous!!! But not as fat and chubby as I like my pears. Such an interesting shape for them to choose to cut the rough into. I wonder if the other two were pears too...
  5. Holy smokes!!!
  6. Sending me pics like that? I think he's expecting Ill let him ignore me for another week but he's dead wrong.
  7. :faint:
  8. good grief! Mine looks like dust! :faint:
  9. The Cartier Mounting is out of this world amazing!:faint:
  10. :faint::amazed: !!
  11. $1M seems really low for a price. Wasn't Kim K's suppose to be a couple mil?

    SOOOO GORGE though!!!
  12. KK's ring was "reportedly" worth $2mil, but we all know that's not what jewelers are actually getting for these rings.
  13. :faint: OMG!!!

    I dont like the price :amazed:,,,, but it´s so shinny:love:
  14. Gorgeous! But $1 million seems a bit low compared to these celeb rings being priced at 2-3 million???
  15. $1m can't be right????