Wyclef Jean- Make sure you're not over 200lbs.

  1. I saw this clip on tmz show last night .
    I'm not 200lbs, but setting a weight limit for women is very nasty of him to do.

    Just check out this link & tell me what you think.



    "At a Super Bowl weekend performance at 944 Village in Scottsdale, AZ -- Wyclef asked for 30 girls to shake it with him on stage, but announced a weight limit for anyone climbing up to join him.

    Wyclef finished his performance with a far-from-Jimi-Hendrix-caliber rendition of the Star Spangled Banner"
  2. wow, cocky at its best
  3. It was a rude obnoxious thing to do, but at least he was honest and generous with his weight requirement. I really doubt any other male performers would let a 175lb woman dance on stage with them. Just sayin....