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  1. So here I am, asking for advice yet again! I've been offered the chance to place a Special Order :yahoo: but the problem is I have no idea what to do! I usually prefer Birkins, size 35 in Togo or a 30 in Chevre. Lately I've been into Gold HW. Now here's my dilemma: I know I want to do something bicolor. I'm not very adventurous, so I'm not a fan of piping, or even two/three colors on the outside of the bag. Just one solid color outside/one solid color inside. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what color combos will look good together. Any suggestions? To narrow it down, I really don't like the salmony-pink-red colors H has done lately, so we can just scratch all those out. Also, I love bright bags on other people, but feel very self conscious carrying them myself. I've gotten rid of several bags others would consider amazing, mostly because they just really weren't for me. So no Rose Tyrien/Shocking, Lime for me. And let's just say I've got the market cornered on neutral bags! No more grey or dark bags for me. So my question is, what would YOU do? :shrugs: :thinking:

  2. Why not mixing tones of your wishlist ????:flowers:
  3. hmmm...what a fun problem!! some suggestions here what about:-
    ultraviolet with gris perle/lichen/argile/bleu lin/celeste
    bleu thalassa/cobalt with bleu lin/celeste/gris T
    would you consider swift? i love swift.
  4. I've only just worked out what 'Wwyd', been looking at it and wondering !
    Bit slow on the uptake methinks :P

    The sky's your limit really isn't it, it'll be fun to see what ideas come up :smile:
  5. I'm a fan of the Kiwi color, and if I ever get the chance to get an SO ....I HAVE TO HAVE KIWI IN IT!! :P

    What about, Iris B35 with Kiwi interior? I would love to have that combo :loveeyes:
  6. How about Etiupe exterior with white, orange, oy yellow interior??
  7. Sadly, they're not all offered. :smile:
  8. Hello! I love swift in smaller bags, but not a fan in larger bags. I got rid of my 35 Orange B because it was swift. Luscious color, but too slouchy for me. Thanks for the color suggestions though!! :hugs:
  9. :P I did have the title capitalized, but when the thread popped up, only the first W was!
  10. :P Great minds think alike! (I notice your wishlist changed! Did you find a Lime?!!) Alas, Kiwi isn't offered! :cry:
  11. Thanks! I've tried Etoupe before and found it's too brown for me. I want to stay away from neutrals if possible.
  12. I am leaning towards Bleu Electrique on the outside. (Yes, to those of you thinking it! I do have BE already, but I REALLY wanted it with GHW and I can always shove the one I have onto my mom or sister.)

    If you did BE, what would go well on the inside?
  13. What about "Tosca" inside? :graucho:
  14. I'm in a similar situation! I've only narrowed it down to either a B25 or K28. I know I don't want neutrals but not sure which pop color I want. I know I want to get it in Chevre. For one of the possibilities if I decided to go with Bleu electrique, I was thinking of pairing it with Vert Anis. Or there's a new yellow (can't remember the name) that is similar to Lime but not so neon. I figured I'll go into the store next week, take a look at the complete list of what's available in Chèvre and then go with my gut feeling.
  15. Congrats on being offered an SO! It's really exciting going through the different possibilities and playing with all the H colours on offer.

    Here's a few ideas with blue electric. I may not have the correct leather, but you can at least see the colour combinations with gold or brushed gold hardware. I like Blue Electric with Granis the most:love:!

    BE with Granis Brushed GHW
    Blue electric Granis.jpg

    BE with Parme GHW
    Blue electric Parme.jpg

    BE with Moutarde Brushed GHW
    Blue electric Moutarde.jpg